Arkansas vs LSU predictions

LSU just put up a huge amount of energy and pride against bama and lost! I say they are in a weak position like we were before we played Auburn. I don’t see another shutout but I think we still play pretty good and win at home by 7pts. some where in the high twenties range. AA will be healthier and it appears the OL and secondary have found a little bit of HOG WILD also. HOGS YA’LL.

I said we would lose last week, so to keep my record straight and the Hogs winning I will say we lose by ten. Love to be wrong again.

21-20 Hogs.


We still put thirty on Bama after throwing 3 picks. AA is a btr passer than hurts, and with us throwing the ball like we did against fla is our best chance against LSWHO I think with there DL stopping the run. We still have to have some luck running the ball to keep the secondary on their toes. with us having a better Punter and fg kicker, I say we win by 13. 16-3 hogs. WPS!!

17-13 Hogs

24-14 HOGS

LSU is a 7 point favorite and per the moneyline Arkansas has a 28% to 30% chance of winning. That is like, flipping a coin twice in the hopes of getting two heads in row. That is possible but not likely.

I see a number of people here are predicting an Arkansas win. However, not a single one would make an even money bet on Arkansas except for small amounts ($1 to $10) that they could easily afford to lose. Now I would bet $10 on LSU and hope to lose my bet but knowing that at least I would get a $10 consolation prize if LSU wins.

Arkansas 27
LSU 10

If the Tigers beat us I think they will have to throw for at least 300 yards or out score us with thier kicking game. I think our MO will be to stop the run game at all cost same as everyone else who plays them. Should be a low scoring affair, Hogs 13 - Lsu 10. WPS

I think our Dline is better than their OLine, same goes for their Dline against our OLine. But they are not healthy RB and we are plus we have the much better QB.
Hogs 27 - LSU 20

Don’t bet he is selling fools gold…

Well…that blew up in my face! Roller Coaster off the rails again! HOGS YA’LL.

Well… that blew up in my face! This roller coaster team is up and down and no consistent hard nosed level of play. I shall continue however with another guess on the last two games. HOGS YA’LL.