Arkansas vs. Auburn

We have a 97% chance of making the NCAA tournament. Lets make that 100% Tuesday!

Honestly, in terms of how to win, this might be one of our most simple games.

Defensively, guard the 3 with extreme intensity.

Offensively, get it down low to our big men.

Other factors of course are to rebound because I don’t think they have anyone over 6’7 at this point to go over our bigs. Bench has to come in and produce. And of course, RUN THEM OUT OF THE ARENA!!! They only have 7 scholarship players left, so RUN, RUN, and oh yeah, RUN!!!

As has been pointed out, we are going to need some help to secure either the 3-4 spot in the SEC tourney, but we have to do our part and finish the season with 2 wins. After the bama game, I think we are poised to do that, if we just stay hungry finish strong.

i normally wouldnt suggest pressing a team where all of their players are at least decent handlers of the ball but with their short bench it would be good to get into their legs by the 2nd half. as it is paramount every game, our bench will be the biggest key to win the game. if we can get 40 points combined from everyone besides Barford, Macon, and Gafford we will be in good shape. thats easily accomplished if Jones, Hall, or Beard is hot and gives us 15 by one of them. also with the inspired play of Thomas, especially on the glass i like how we shape up there. we just outrebounded Bama on road and A&M at home which none of us likely thought we’d do. with the return of Bailey the rebounding only improves.

as for the NCAA tourney i believe if we do win the next 2, get a bye and then win at least 1 in SEC tourney at worst we are 7 seed. if we split next 2 games, dont get a bye but then win 2 in SEC i still think we get 7 seed. anything short of that it looks like the dreaded 8-9 game for the hogs.

go hogs, wps

General Hog. You may have pointed out defending the 3 as the top priority on defense. I’d add to that point don’t foul them!
Auburn using the charity stripe to build leads ! Their quickness makes it pretty obvious that a full court press would run the game like a track meet.
The quickness of Auburn is their advantage! We need to wear them out and force them to work for every shot. Nothing easy! Cleaning up the glass on both ends won’t be easy because they will jack up 30 3’s those long rebounds are up for grabs.
Gafford should be able to score and draw fouls. If we make our free throws and take care of the ball I think we can win! Macon and Bardford should both be able to reach the 1,000 point total for their Arkansas career tonight too. I hope Thomas shows out tonight from the floor.
The hogs can win these last 2 games.
The Kentucky @ Florida game gives one team tied for 3rd a loss.
The Texas A&M @ Moo U game the hogs need Texas A&M to win. That would put the hogs in good shape for ST Louis.

Hoping for a win tonight. WPS!!!

BWA needs to be consistently loud tonight, no one need sit down as a matter of fact if a person wants to sit down then that person should give they’re ticket to someone else that will stand and cheer for 2 hours.
A couple of weeks ago I would have never thought we’d have a chance in this game, but things happen. Auburn has gotten the injury bug and that will likely due them in when it come SEC and NCAA Tournament time, sorry but no one feels sorry for anyone else in sports when these things happen.
It’s too bad for the Tigers, but we and everyone else could capitalize on their misfortune.
We do have to play strategically tonight and try to get into their depleted bench by getting some of their guys into foul trouble. They are going to play some zone defense against us tonight as they did the past couple of games to try to keep their guys out of foul trouble.
We need to feed the ball down low and pick up some fouls early and often.
we on the other hand don’t need to pick up silly fouls 20 plus feet away from the basket.
Don’t kid yourself the 7 scholarship players they will put on the floor are capable of coming to BWA and winning, but if they do our guys should be ashamed.
We are going to need contributions from 10-11 guys tonight and truly try to get to their legs, because I believe that’s what is starting to happen with Auburn, the lack of depth is catching up with them.

Go Hogs!

Barford needs a seat on the bench poor shot selection!! WPS

The free throw line is keeping Auburn in the game. We have to stop fouling!

You did notice the refs, correct? They like to make calls. There is a reason Valentine is called TV Teddy, and not because it’s his initials.

And the last three possessions- HERO BALL. I was afraid that was gonna happen. Hope Mike gets in their rears a little bit here.

We will have to win this game on defense, we shot a over 50% from the field in the first half, while I would love to see that continue I doubt we will be able to continue at that rate.
Auburn’s guards went 0-7 from 3 point line which is uncharacteristic for them and as much as I would like that to continue I doubt that will as well.
We need to continue to stay in front while rotating players in tomtry and get to their legs since they have such a short bench.
Try to get the ball down low and get them into foul trouble while we need to keep our key players out of foul trouble.
This would be a huge win and we should have a chance, but I don’t want to see it get close late.

Go Hogs!

Wow, if we cool off shooting this is going to get real in a hurry! WPS

At the 14 minute mark we already have 4 team fouls and have gone from leading by 19 to now leading by 7.
We simply have to stop fouling and putting them in the 1&1 early in the half.
We can’t have stupid turnovers and get empty possessions.
Our shot selection has been suspect, if that continues we will let this game get close when it really shouldn’t be.
These guys just have to play smart, get the ball in the hands of the scorers and we should win this game.

Go Hogs!

Another pleasant surprise in the win over Tigers. I think the game Saturday will be a tough one but a possible win. Hogs are a tough team to figure out. They can play like world beaters for a few minutes then do a 180 and look like a completely different team. Their overall shot selection needs to improve along with the D.

We are in like Flynn!!!

#27 RPI and #37 BPI. We are playing for seeding at this point, but this makes 3 out of the last 4 years making the tournament. Credit deserves to go to Mike Anderson! Some fans love to give him the credit for when things go bad, but he actually deserves credit for getting this program back to at least being a winning program again.

Last night was great!!!

The fans were loud and the team came out and put up a very good offensive performance. Defense was ok, but not great.

Gafford, was a beast. Macon and Barford did their thing. Excluding Gafford, the bench still contributed 19 points, which is great!

We are getting hot at the right time.

Mizzou will still be tough at their place. Their fans are nasty.

I haven’t posted on here in about 3 years almost. I just wanna say…I told y’all so…GHG. Memphis Hog out…