Arkansas treated with disdain

Wally, I can’t disagree with you. The disdain appears so very obvious. I’m not saying we need to move, but …

I posted we should haul #$$ from the SEC after the schedule came out, but I was wrong. We need to stay in the SEC, get better and start winning again.

The right coach can get a program to heights we haven’t seen since joining the SEC. Maybe Sam the bear is the right guy. We shall see.

I’m sorry, I see “Big 12” and remember the “SWC”. They treated Arkansas so good, we jumped ship. No way we belong under the thumb of “Texas” again. I’ll always believe that “Nothing sucks like the big orange of Texas!”


Ask the current & former Big 12 schools how great of a conference that it is. As dysfunctional & back-stabbing as the SWC was in its day, Big 12 is much worse. ut uses its money & influence to dictate terms to the other schools, not to mention their vanity network. Consequently most Big 12 schools are looking at their options to go elsewhere once their conference agreement expires in 2025.

Arkansas is competitive in the SEC in most sports, & football will too again once the program under CSP & staff turns around. We dug this hole with an inept AD & a Board of Trustees that had no understanding of managing an athletic dept. All SEC schools have experienced low points in their programs & have recovered, & we will too.

When you go 4-8, 2-10 and 2-10, you’re on the bottom of the feeder.


Yep RD

The SEC had the opportunity to put a schedule together that would allow more competitive games. Instead, they chose to protect Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Florida. Where Arkansas already has to play better teams, the SEC chose not to allow any of the above teams to add games to their schedule they shouldn’t win handily. As a result, Alabama and Georgia still get to play what amounts to a preseason scrimmage game to allow them to ease into the season.

I know this may sound degrading to the Hogs but it is reality. Some will say the Hogs have nothing to lose, but past history says that there is a lot to lose. If we get pounded by Georgia and Florida to go along with the already tough schedule, confidence in the coaches and system can be destroyed.

I hope I am wrong. Arkansas does not have to beat Georgia, but there is pressure to make it competitive.

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One of my concerns this year is depth. I believe that Coach Sam is building a good team, but he isn’t there yet. The tough schedule this year is not conducive to good team health.

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