Arkansas still has a lot of work to do before Oklahoma and SEC play

Arkansas will never beat a top 20 team shooting the (3)and shooting free throws like that.

That team they played tonight would probably barely beat IMG, if Arkansas played up to their full potential, they would have been around 120 pts offensively. The Defense and especially working that glass was fantastic.

Defense wins games as much as offense does. The 3 point line can be pure fools gold. When you can get to the rim and get your opponent in foul trouble you can cause them problems.
Good shots is the key no matter where you take them.
The hogs just haven’t taken enough good 3’s.

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Tomorrow’s game vs OU will be a test; while not ranked, the Sooners have a good team.

What the Hogs don’t have is a true point guard: a ball-handler who can beat his man off the dribble, draw defensive help, then dish the rock to the open man. Good guard play is what wins in the NCAA tourney. In addition, the Hogs need to work on their half-court sets. The Razorbacks seem to have difficulty executing in the half-court game.

Hope the Hogs get out and run vs OU and beat the stuffin’ out of the Sooners.
Defense first. Defense leads to offense. Go, Hogs!

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