Arkansas should hire Jeff Fisher they need grown men coaching

He played on the same 1985 Bears team as Dan Hampton, bring Hampton along to coach the Defensive Line. Bringing in a veteran experienced coach worked at Arizona State with Herm. And find an athletic QB for goodness sakes, Arkansas hasn’t had an athletic QB since Matt Jones, this isn’t 1960, you gotta move around at QB today. And quit celebrating anything that is not a win against a top 25 team, act like you’ve been there before, granted, you haven’t in a while.

Then bring in Dowell Loggains in from the Jets/Bears/etc to coach the offense.

Fisher would be an interesting hire, assuming he still has the fire & energy to continue coaching & at the college level where you need to recruit, babysit players/parents, & appease alumni.

Recruits would be excited about a coach with NFL experience. My only caveat is the lack of success for Harbaugh at MI.

Too bad we can’t afford another $10M to $12M for coaching buyouts.