Arkansas should be one of the best 3 pt shooting teams in the country the next few yrs.

Keyshawn Embery, Jordan Phillips, Isaiah Joe, and Desi Sills all can shoot the 3 accurately. Sills is a lefty that is a true PG, that delivers assists, and can D up as good as anyone. Khalil Garland is a great competitor, that kid has heart. Jalen Harris has a quick first step, and can knock down the 3, and we all know CJ Jones can. Throw in the size of Henderson, Gafford, Osabuohien, and Reggie Chaney, who’s a tough dude, and this on paper will be the most complete team Arkansas has had. If they put in the work in the off season in the Gym, the sky is the limit.

I just said on another thread, that I love this team, and I think come March they’ll be a complete team, but I think getting a play-in game next year maybe the ceiling. As much as I like these guys, I think it’ll be 2-3 years before they’re outstanding players. Next year we will have four guys with one year D1 experience (one never played in the SEC), and 7 guys with no D1 experience. I wonder if Gafford would return for his JR year. That might be the “step” year.

I think your post is on the money, I don’t like setting unrealistic expectations on any team much less a very very young team. However we will see some flashes that will show us future possibilities, the rate at which teams mature are as different as night and day but you sure have to feel good about the talent we will have on this team. We all know they can shoot but can they become the defense it takes to rise to prominence? WPS

The general formula I use is the following and the players I think fit that category

5 stars - immediate impact
High 4 stars - mid-season year 1 impact
4 stars - year 2 impact - Chaney, Joe, Embery, Henderson
High 3 stars - Midseason year 2 impact -
3 stars - year 3 impact - Phillips, Sills

However, because almost all the freshmen will be forced to play immediately, I expect their development to move at a faster pace. So, it is very possible and highly likely you can move everyone up a category.

PJ, I think you’re wrong about both Sills and Phillips. Sills is a defender, that’s gonna get him more playing time under Mike. Him being able to move his feet and cutoff guards is what we missed for a few years. That should make him more of a “year two impact” by what you listed. Phillips is different. Think Scottie Pippen, a 6’7 guy who can bring the ball up the court (spelling the guards), create his own shot, create shots for others, rebound, and play defense. I think everyone is underestimating him. I think he is an immediate impact player, that maybe some scouts have missed out on.

Now, before anyone says anything I’m not saying he is as good as Pippen, I think he could be, but he’s in that mold.

I agree on Phillips. And as I said, because of huge roster turnover, everyone can move a category up. As far as Sills, I agree about his defensive prowess, but can he find impact PT with Joe, Harris, Embery Garland already there? Then there is Justice Hill to contend with a year later. I know he will get some PT, but can he get impact PT!

Also given this much talent and all being mostly freshmen, transfer activity will be rampant next offseason, I think.

Yeah, very possible

I disagree that Desi - who I love - is a true point guard.

Jonesboro head coach Wes Swift agrees with me on that and has played him off the ball while Eaton and Huston played the point.

I do think he is a very good overall player, a great defensive one and just a flat out winner.

As long as these freshmen come in next year and play defense I’ll be happy. It would be a complete turnaround to see the hogs rebound well! That’s the most disappointing thing about the last season.

Good shots and play hard. These young men are winners and winners make winning plays!

[quote] [/Also given this much talent and all being mostly freshmen, transfer activity will be rampant next offseason, I think.]
Looks like it’s started already! Seems like a mutual agreement, but I thought Hall had a lot of upside. Maybe Chaney’s arrival had him worried about PT. With the theme of this thread, no doubt CJ was concerned about the shooterd coming in, especially considering his lack of production late. Too bad, he seemed to be an exceptionally fine young man and I hope he finds a great spot. Same for Hall.