Arkansas really doesn’t have ANYTHING to hang their heads about

OSU is a rested, tournament team, that got 3 more days rest this week than Arkansas, playing on their home court. And Arkansas hung in there with them all afternoon… Make a few adjustments, hit the trey a little more consistent, rebound a little better, hit the free throws a little better, and they will start winning games against good teams like that.

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Had a shot to win it at the end, didn’t make it. Certainly could have played better but your analysis is correct.

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The Pokes seemingly had our number defensively, blocking far too many shots and deflecting or stealing a lot of passes. They appeared fundamentally sound, athletic and quicker to the ball than us. Glad Devo is on our team, because he seemingly fit their profile really well.

The issues the hogs had today have been a broken record in losses. Turnovers. ( live ball type ). Walking over and over! Trying to knock holes in the floor and ending up with zero! Taking a 35 footer early and given up a layup. This is the end of January and it’s a little late to change the way they play. Failing to move the ball and ending up with bad shots.
Poor point guard play again. How many times can you knock your head on a wall and keep doing it over and over. For some folks it’s constant.
Losing is one thing but with a 5 point lead you find yourself behind in a snap by making poor decisions!
Free throw line how can you get there when you can’t draw a whistle!
It’s a loss at the end of the day and our hogs got beat. No big deal they need to pack their lunch box and get to work or they could find themselves in another losing streak. They have Miss State and Texas A&M this week so we will see how they play. By the way both of those teams won today.

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Coach keeps harping about getting too many shots blocked. What do you expect when guards are driving into defenders that are much taller.

What’s wrong with shooting jump shots? Half the time when the guards get to the basket they get their shot blocked and the other half they commit an offensive foul. It is not a sin to pull up and shoot a 10 foot jump shot. Of course they need to practice shooting them because it takes some touch. If they learn to use the backboard then it does not require as much touch.

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