Arkansas needs to show its true character and decency towards our next football coach, we’ve forgotten who we’re as a people

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K indness

Be kind, be patient, support the team, no matter what. Remember who we’re, and what our values are!


A positive post. A little ray of sunshine is needed for all of us.

I can’t believe I got sucked into watching an NFL game just to
watch Allen and the Broncos break a record of 0-99 for teams
leading by 20 at halftime. Their defense must have thought the game was over at halftime.

I’m afraid we’re showing exactly who we are. Spoiled, entitled, impatient, and I’m sure I could think of a few other adjectives.

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Uhh we aren’t spoiled from football Or much basketball success lately.
Ok Baseball & Track spoiled us.

We’re spoiled from decades ago. Think we’re entitled to what Broyles and Holtz did

I don’t think we are spoiled. I think we recognize that our program has had the availability of a tremendous set of financial resources. And, we have performed at a level that is grossly inconsistent with those resources.

And, many of our issues are the result of a series of extremely poor decisions made by a number of different people. These were self inflicted wounds.

As a result, there is a tremendously level of frustration among fans and supporters.

Our programs have demonstrated the ability to compete not only in the SEC, but nationally. There are those who don’t think we can recover. That’s very shortsighted and pessimistic.

However, we do need to make better decisions and make sure and hold people accountable.

Very good post. Nothing wrong with high and reasonable expectations.

There’s a small group of fans that show out on Twitter. It seems like a large number but it’s not.

I think the majority know how to act.

This is the program that isn’t satisfied with ten win seasons if those wins don’t come in the proper manner. Fire a good man for not winning correctly.

I would be totally satisfied with a 9 win season! It wouldn’t take 10 to get excited. I don’t want to see the hogs blowing leads Missouri and Belk bowl under CBB and the SJS disaster under Morris. A team can at least compete and play hard to start with. Patience won’t be given to an idiot that acts entitled and can’t even make a decision on the QB! Morris was given more patience that he deserved. He should have been fired last year after The North Texas game. That should have shown all of us he was in over his head.
Morris was promoted to a position of incompetence! He isn’t HC material right now! He got his big pay day and exited!
The next head coach needs to show progress and have the hogs ready to play! That would be a start!