Arkansas needs smart people picking their next coach!

I think there are people especially on Hogville that are fake RZB fans, that don’t want to see Arkansas climb out of the sewer, so they recommend coaches like Leach, who’s obviously an idiot, that will never win consistently at Arkansas, and will embarrass the University even more at PC’s after losses.

Arkansas is going to have to spend some money and get a good coach. Not hire some idiot that you ONLY like because he spews political nonsense that you agree with.

The hogs need a football educated group to give input to the AD and let him do his JOB!

The biggest obstacle in recent coaching hires has been Arkansas.The coach that is hired must understand competing in the SEC.

Since Auburn lost to Georgia today, heard that if they lose to Alabama without Tua, then Gus is gone.
Hello Arkansas???

I think it’s possible that if Auburn loses to Alabama, and end up 8-4, he is headed to Florida State, unless FSU picks up Kiffin first.

Yep, both visor wearing coaches would be good fits for FSU.

I’m not sure that I would be thrilled with Malzahn, if he couldn’t win at Auburn with all of that GA/AL talent, I don’t see him crossing the foothold at Arkansas. Arkansas at this stage is a 3-4 yr rebuilding project, if they can ever get into that top ten plateau consistently, they could have the occasional national championship contender, with 3-5 talented players coming in from TX every yr or so.

Can’t win at Auburn? He’s 60-30.

True, but when I say win, I mean consistently making a run at the playoffs. To be honest, they really don’t like him there, if he wasn’t successful, he would be gone long ago. I don’t know him, but he MIGHT be an A hole, based on hearsay anyway…

They have won the SEC West twice under his leadership. Last time Arkansas did that was with Houston Nutt.