Arkansas needs a run in the SEC..IMHO..

It’s hard to come out of that 7-10 or 8-9 match-up in the NCAA’s, and make a deep run in the NCAA tourney. Arkansas needs to play well against SC or Ole Miss and then FL. SC will probably handle Ole Miss.

I agree that it would be nice if our Hogs could possibly at least get to the SEC finals and maybe avoid those 7-10 lines because if they don’t then if they win that first game in the NCAA Tournament they have to turn around and play Duke, North Carolina, Cincinnati or Purdue as probable 2 seeds or if we slide down to the 8-9 seed and win the first game we would then face a 1 seed possibly Virginia, Villanova, Kansas or Xavier and our chances of moving past the first weekend are exceedingly more difficult.
If they could somehow make it to a 6 seed then the potential matchups would be much more favorable to win a couple of games which would be our best result since 1996 or 1997. It’s really been that long since a Razorback team has advanced past the first weekend.

Go Hogs!

The 6-7 seed line is probably as high as the hogs will be in the Dance. The lacks lost too many games. Look at the teams above them. The games that would have made a difference we failed to turn in the win! North Carolina, Houston, LSU twice, Moo U and Kentucky. At some point we need to have a team that’s afraid of Kentucky. The big moment hasn’t been kind to this group of seniors! That may change but I think what they need is a win over Florida in ST Louis. Just for confidence. The old hogs teams had the swagger to come out and smoke the opponent and put them away this team only did that once all year and that was aginst UConn. The depth has hurt this team all year long. Maybe the bench can supply some punch. Hall, Bailey, C J or Gabe at least 2 of these guys will have to show out a little for the hogs to win in March!

Good post Army ,WPS

i agree a 6 seed is prolly our ceiling and thats only attainable with a berth in the SEC finals. a 6 or 7 seed wouldnt be so bad, especially if we get put in a favorable host city to us. the #7 seed pods arent as favorable with Nashville being the closest, but if we can snag a 6 seed and get in the Dallas or Wichita pod it would almost be a home game for us. i could see a sweet 16 run if somehow we got that lucky. wps