Arkansas must have really bad High School football, because that state produces like no talent

I left Arkansas in the 5th grade and moved to Charleston, SC, but I don’t remember it being very talented even back then in the 80’s.

I think whatever Arkansas coach is going to be successful long term, they’re going to have to coach at the high school and pee wee level’s also, because there is like no talent anywhere in that state. Arkansas is not very athletic in football either, they’re easily the slowest team in the SEC…

Arkansas has some areas that are good some not so good. In central Arkansas the best teams are NLR and Bryant, with Conway not far behind. The biggest problem in central Arkansas is that Central, Hall and Parkview all play in different classifications and rarely play each other. In Northwest Arkansas Bentonville is tops with Bentonville West and Fayetteville not far behind. Bentonville has won their conference for the last 7 years, but has lost in 2nd round the last 2. I disagree in that we are not slowest team in the SEC. You will see noticeable improvement over next 2 years with a better coaching staff!

That is a ridiculous statement. I can see why you only post on the non-pay board. You are the same guy who said Ga Tech was a Sweet 16 team. SMH. Mercy.

i guess that means Darren McFadden was not talented as for other great arkansas players that were from arkansas Hogwash! There is great talent in HS football in Arkansas! WPS!

Arkansas problem is population. Lack of actually.

Plus lack of $ for Arkansas high schools to pay for their football programs & player development.

With projected 30% drop in Arkansas students eligible for college by 2030, football talent & UofA enrollment will need to increasingly grow from out of state schools.

There’s talent that comes out of Arkansas in football! The numbers don’t cover the needs that the hogs require to be competive! When the hogs have won in the past it’s been with blue collar Arkansas kids that fill roles and are coached up! If you can’t name them then your bot really a HOG fan! There’s also some players from out of state that were overlooked like Tony Bua! In the past few years our coaches have overlooked some players from Arkansas or simply made mistakes in evaluating them! There’s a lot of players from Arkansas that played D-1 ball this past season and some played on teams and beat our hogs!
So to make a statement we don’t produce D-1 talent is wrong! There’s not enough D-1 talent in the state every year to fill the recruiting class.
By looking at the record the past 2 years it wouldn’t matter!
Development and coaching! A good coach can take 4 and 5 stars and win but show me a coach that can take 3 stars and walk one and win and there my friend is a coach that does his job!

There’s good football players in Arkansas!

There are still good players, good coaches and good programs in Arkansas, just not enough of them. Participation in high school football is down across the country, and probably even more so in Arkansas than the surrounding states. All the more reason why our coaches need to evaluate better and not let our best players get out of the state.

It may be politically incorrect to say so, but there are ethnic groups that produce better athletes than others. When the olympic sprints are almost totally filled with descendents from just one continent, Africa, you can’t deny, if you need speed, you are more likely to find it from that ethnic group. Compared to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida, Arkansas just has a lower percentage of this group in a small state to start with. So, Louisiana has twice our population and twice our percentage of African-Americans and, surprise, has over four times our number of D-1 athletes. The negative thing about Arkansas is that our urban areas, Little Rock and Pine Bluff, have done a bad job of supporting and developing high school athletic programs. That is where we lag behind Texas, Louisiana, etc.

Here is proof of why certain states are “better” at producing great athletes than others. Notice that the lists are almost identical:

List of States with highest percentage of blacks

List of States with highest percentage of NFL players

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I’m not really into any stereotypes, but I do think generally black people are far more athletic, just watch Usain Bolt run, and you can see that. That dude was so fast, he actually smiled as he was jaunting down the track in World Record time. LOL…

That being said, if you work hard, I think you can overcome whatever natural gifts others may have over you. 30 yrs from now some white dude might beat Usain Bolt’s records, who knows??

The University of Arkansas, Arkansas State, etc, need to do a better job of getting these in state kids on campuses at an early age. Arkansas has talent, it’s just not being utilized as well as in other places.

The coaches need to start having Razorback camps at every high school in the state, especially Little Rock and Pine Bluff high schools. Pine Bluff is a tough little town, as tough as there is anywhere in the nation, trust me, I have lived all over the nation, having BEEN IN THE MILITARY, and Pine Bluff has talent, it’s just raw and not being developed at an early age. Arkansas needs to utilize that goldmine better, get those kids participating in camps at ages 7-12 in Fayetteville, or even have the coaches go down there.

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