Arkansas is taking a beating in the Transfer Portal

I actually thought Brooks had a great pro football opportunity. That 's unfortunate to lose so many players.

Not just on defense. Hornsby is also a great football opportunity & as anticipated, just announced on twitter that he is entering the portal.

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Transfer portal has turned in to illegal recruiting and is going to ruin any chance for teams like Arkansas to become competitive with Alabama and Georgia.

Not as worried about GA & AL as I am about aTm & ut that have endless numbers of rich oil alums with the deepest of pockets.

Most of the rich in oil think nothing about throwing away $ in efforts to buy championships for their schools. Once ut & OU join the SEC & get established, the NIL $ will flow freely, especially between aTm & ut, to buy players. Not sure if or how smaller & less affluent schools like Arkansas can compete for players.

Kids are soft today. I read an article where most of them are leaving because one coach was too hard on them…LMAO…

It’s bad parenting, some parents believe in telling their children, everything they do is perfect, no matter what it is they’re doing… Here is a remmytgzc
, ?(’

There’s a difference between motivating, coaching, and trying to make a kid better, and just being an A hole… The SEC is no cakewalk, gotta be SEC tough ,

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