Arkansas is an embarrassment to the SEC

Texas A&M will win by 40. You would think as many times as Arkansas has been upset, they would never EVER get a big head again, but almost every yr they do…LOL…

And that Chavis guy needs to go to the nursing home, he obviously cannot coach defense.

And clearly Texas A&M made a sound decision benching Starkel for Mound…LOL…

Lets not overreact yet. It was a bad day for sure, but the sun will shine tomorrow and a new game will be played next weekend.

Yes, General the sun will shine and the team will practice. However, this team is on the same course as last years… I was at the game and saw this team get outplayed and out coached by a mediocre team. If our team has totally bought in, then we need to sell them sometime to win football games against mediocre teams. We have better talent but unless they give maximum effort, we will lose every time. I didn’t see the needed effort from our team tonight.

Dude, I would have to care to overreact! I’m just calling it like it is. Arkansas has rarely been relevant in the SEC since they joined, and they will lose every SEC game this yr. I feel bad for the good fans, sitting through that slop yr after yr. I knew on Wednesday this was going to be one of those games Arkansas would blow.

That being said. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this Chad Morris guy is never going to win at this level. Anyone that would have a nightclub installed to celebrate a Colorado State win, is not going to be successful at this level.

Arkansas needs to get all of those wealthy donors to pitch in, and go hire Matt Campbell from Iowa State, if he would consider a downgrade job that is, which I doubt.

If you don’t care, why are you posting?

Why are you posting, not what.

Yep, corrected it before you did, but I notice you didn’t answer the question there Elmo

Intelligent response

Exactly, bye

And I don’t usually respond to stupidity. BTW… The point was Arkansas hasn’t been competitive enough to care about really since Houston Nutt was here, and you hayseeds ran him off, because you knew better.LOL…

When at least he had running games, that made his teams competitive in the SEC. Since then it’s been a revolving door of embarrassments and losing, Arkansas football acumen is remarkable…

Lol, stupidity. We all see what you are, and who.

And I never called for HDN’s head. Only HC’s head I’ve called for is Bret’s the day he was hired and Long’s for hiring him.

Just saying bro. Arkansas needs to recruit big, physical, athletic, offensive lineman, and run a ball control offense, with fantastic running backs, and a phenomenal secondary, with a pass rush.

That will make them competitive in most games, they’ll still get stomped by Alabama’s 3 deep, 5 star athletes, and probably LSU also, but they’ll pick up 2-3 SEC wins a yr, and with the rare good recruiting yr in Arkansas, have an occasional decent team.

Lol, ain’t that what the last coach supposedly was doing. :joy: :joy: :joy:

His offensive lineman were big an unathletic, the defense was terrible, and the running backs were big and slow. Gotta have speed and power backs, a McFadden/Felix combo type deal.

I can’t disagree with that Rev…err…coach.