Arkansas has one of the top 5 best basketball team's in the nation

If they continue to develop depth, they will be able to play with any team in the country. Team’s like Gonzaga and Duke go about 10 or 11 deep, with consistent players.

Arkansas isn’t far behind those teams, and at some point they will be right there with them, or even better…

I wouldn’t go that far.

Our boys are slowly getting it together, but they still have to figure some things out.

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We have to shoot the 3 ball. I know most answers would be stop shooting the 3. But it’s just not a option in today’s game. We have to shoot it waaaaaayyyy better.

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Slow up…

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  1. Need better shooting from beyond the arc … the 3-ball is a must in today’s game.
  2. Wish we had a true point guard … a ball-handler and distributor who could control the game and bring it home when leading at the 4:00 mark of the 2H.

I’ll bet he is slowed up now.

We have to play much better team defense. Defense will win games when you have a poor shooting night.

That has worked for eons and I strongly agree BUT…have to be careful what we say now and how we say it. It may hurt someone’s feelings. NOT pointing out any particular person or thing, just the over all entire spectrum of todays society.

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