Arkansas has more underrated players than any team in the country

I don’t know if it’s because High School football in Arkansas doesn’t get the kind of respect obviously of state’s like FL or TX, but they have a bunch of kids if they jump in the weight room this off season, and take advantage of this bowl game against JoPa U, they could easily move into NFL potential by the scouts.

KJ Jefferson is right on the outside looking in, another great off season, and great regular season, he’ll get a chance somewhere to make a 53.

AJ Green if he can stay a legit 4.3 guy, and put in the work in the weight room, he’ll make it, because of his ST ability.

Jalen Catalon is tremendous.

Ketron Jackson has a toughness about him, to go get difficult catches, take the blow, and get significant YAC while protecting the football…He was coached well by someone along his journey.

Raheim Sanders is significantly underrated, if he lives in the weight room this off season, he has a Derrick Henry type of skill set, but with actually a slightly better ability to catch the ball as well.

Trey Knox has a tremendous amount of ability, he can climb the mountain and get receptions that many people can’t get. If he does his work this next yr, he’ll get a look based on his God given athletic gifts.

Devin Bush quite honestly has the ability to shut down anyone in the nation, and get double digits in INT’s, if he continues to improve, undoubtedly he will not only make a team, but play successfully also at the next level.

LaDarius Bishop is significantly under rated, he and Devin Bush give Arkansas a tremendous back end ability. Not sure if it was because one of his 40’s was 4.4, and then the one he ran in Miss was 4.3, which moved him into 4 star status. He definitely has 4.3 speed, and has outstanding tackling skills, enjoys playing football, it’s fun for him. If he keeps improving, will get drafted for sure…

This JT Towers white dude ( lol ) believe it or not IMHO has NFL type ability, I was looking at some of the high school film on that dude, and believe it or not, he can play, and play very good. His tackling ability is some of the best I have ever seen by a HS kid.

Eric Gregory has the toughness and skill set to get double digits in sacks, he enjoys playing the game, it’s almost like a release for him, he has the athletic ability to actually play LB or DE, but at DE, will get double digit sack totals consistently.

Arkansas has several Offensive Linemen that will make it, or at least get a look. Obviously Stromberg will be a starter on Sunday’s at some point, he’s just phenomenal…

I could go on all day, but Arkansas definitely has a lot of guys that for whatever reason are underrated…

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