Arkansas has a FOOTBALL coach AGAIN

It’s been a while, if you want my opinion, really since Houston Nutt, others may disagree, and that’s fine…

When Arkansas gets a little bigger, gets some athletes at RB, this Hunt kid from Oklahoma has some speed and toughness. The SEC is a man’s league, the ONLY way to win consistently is to be tougher than the other guy. Arkansas will compete for BCS games. Have no clue why someone didn’t hire Pittman before, he knows what he’s doing.


As they just said on SEC Now, none of them were impressed by his hire. They considered him fourth out of the four new coaches. Not so much anymore.

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I’m proud of the effort put out by former players to lobby our AD to hire Coach Pitman. He showed what he can do as an O line coach and it looks like he can for sure motivate a team and put an excellent staff together than can coach players and make them believe. Isn’t it nice to actually see our hogs fight and play tough hard nosed football!


I think we hired CSP at the perfect time, after his stint at GA which just put us in the door of a hot recruiting area. To go along with everywhere else he is well known and respected.

His success does make me wonder how many other Sam Pittmans are out there? Those who coach a less glamorous position, have never been a coordinator, yet have that spark and talent.

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Very good point, Arkansas was probably the only major program willing to roll the dice like we did, also we didn’t have anything lose. I’m sure there are others around that could pull this off like CSP, but there would be more misses than hits. Good post! WPS

CSP has done a great job with rebuilding & turnaround of a program that was arguably the worst in Div 1 & in a hopeless decline. The season will get more difficult as teams no longer take Arkansas for granted.

Wonder how much credit goes to Odom & Briles. Hope they will stay long enough to continue the Arkansas rebuild to the next level. With success at AR, other schools with deeper pockets will try to hire both coordinators away from us, including new HC positions.

It starts at the top. The head coach must hire great assistants. Then he must lead and that leadership must trickle down through the assistants, the team leadership, and finally to the entire team. If there is dysfunction at any level, it all falls apart. I suspect that was part of the problem during the Morris tenure. It broke down somewhere.

Agreed. Broyles, Saban, Royal, & Bryant were all great coaches & leaders who found & mentored great coordinators. Was curious about Orgeron & whether LSU could rebuild after player & coordinator turnover after last season or whether just one year luck.

CSP is well networked & well respected so expect that he will have success in backfilling positions. We will experience high coordinator turnover as the program finds success. Will never understand the dysfunctional Beliema & Morris tenure at AR, which as you said starts at the top - ie Athletic Director.

You need some experience on the field. LSU lost so much. I’m not sure a team has ever lost that much in talent and experience in one draft. Yes, they lost two great coaches, but I don’t think you replace that kind of talent (experience) easily. I am not surprised at LSU’s struggles. Just hope it continues for another six weeks or so.


LSU lost a lot but so does AL yearly, both in players & frequent coaching turnover. Teams like AL with Saban reload while LSU is obviously rebuilding. Question whether last season for LSU was a fluke (due to great coordinators, Burrow, & other talent) or if Orgeron is capable of establishing LSU as a perennial SEC power. His history as HC is inconclusive so the next couple of years will determine his legacy.

Would enjoy our having a win against LSU. If given the opportunity, doubt CSP would run up the score as Orgeron did against us last year.

I heard them say that and so glad they owned up to it

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