Arkansas has a chance at this thing, if they keep improving at this rate

Either you win the whole thing, or you don’t, second, third, etc, etc, sucks…

Arkansas has a chance, still not on the same page with the Gonzaga’s, Baylor’s, or Iowa’s of the world, but they’re closing the gap quickly.

I honestly have no clue what kind of team A&M is, they have not played in a long time. They did get on the FT line a lot in their last game…

There’s really no way to know how good Gonzaga is! They play a few out of conference opponents early! Then return to the powder puff league they play in. How many NCAA championship banner do they have hanging in their gym?
They will get knocked out!

Nonsense! They will be the #1 Overall seed for a reason, they have tremendous size, and their guards are very consistent, they’re the best team in the country right now. The thing with teams like that, they’re not tested a lot, so when they’re, in the tourney, they play harder than anyone else, because they’ve rarely been in that situation before, so they’re a little afraid of elimination.

And they’ve played top teams also, WVU, KU, etc, and played very well.

Arkansas is closing the gap, but they’re not there yet. Even tonight, everyone that pays attention knew SC liked to get on the offensive glass, and they were still able to get many second chance points. Arkansas is often out effort-ed, and that was from a team that definitely wasn’t focused into the game, for whatever reason. Frank Martin might be going somewhere else. Obviously in the tourney, focus by the opposition will be much more intense. There are about 5 outstanding teams, Michigan being another, and Arkansas is making a run towards them, but they’re not there yet.

Careful, Army. Lil Jeffy might want to bet you one of his farms, lol. What a ridiculous comment about anyone out-efforting this Hog team. That is one thing no one will do. This team plays hard every game. To say otherwise is just foolish…or Jeffrey-ish.

Poor lil Jeremy, You’ve never done anything in your life have you, cept maybe talk very weak smack on a message board. Son, What is ACTUALLY ridiculous is to claim Arkansas never gets out effort-ed, that’s absurd, and stupid, and proves you have never done anything a day in your life. Po lad, let me try and edumacate ya. Every athlete No Matter how great they’re occasionally gets out hustled on a play, the key is to not let it become habit forming, and out hustle them the next time, as Arkansas mostly did last night. But they were out hustled on the offensive glass several times, that’s a fact boy, something the likes of people like you, try and avoid at all costs, truth and facts. Which is why if it wasn’t for people like me holding you up, and allowing you to tread on me, Arkansas would never win anything EVER…

Nap time, Jeffy. You’re getting cranky.

Jeremy. This hogs team has found their groove on both ends of the floor. Most of all they are listening to CEM. He is a master at making adjustments and his game prep is precise. CEM made reference that he can here our opponent holler that the hogs are running this and CEM laughed and said they were wrong because he may run the same basic motion and action but the ball is going to a different player in a difference spot.
When they are clicking like this they will be tough out.

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