Arkansas' getting killed

Those rims are shaking like crazy, our boys can’t buy a bucket, and the refs are letting Houston get away with murder all the while calling and 1’s against us all night.

You can’t put a 28 point beat down at this point on the refs, we are getting handled, end of story!

Oh I’m not putting it all on the refs. Houston is shooting lights out, no doubt.

Well that was embarrassing. Simply put, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Not much to say. Houston shot 51% and Arkansas 33%.

I hope fans don’t look at this game and then decide not to go to the Minnesota game. We win that game and we have made our non-con and we will probably end up in the top 25.

Keep dreaming GH!!!

Yeah, I know you’ll never go to a game or ever been to one.

Just goes to show you don’t know what you are talking about.

I know one sport over every other and am the definition of the word fanatic when it comes to basketball. I don’t know a lot of people who put in the time to understand the game of basketball that I do who aren’t coaches. So I know quite a bit about basketball.

These are the results you get when one team is playing lights out and the other team is playing like it’s their first time playing together. Like Mike said we have a lot of work to do, this was only the 7th game. Our guys are much better than what they showed tonight.

General, you really need to stop trying to impress yourself with how much you believe you know about the game of basketball…it’s not working for you!

Just watch today’s game again and try and convince yourself that our defense played well like you stated earlier.
Bottom line is that this is one game in a long season, but a horrible loss and if they don’t beat Minnesota at home you can forget about that top 25 ranking and if they allow Minnesota to beat them at home it will probably be a very disappointing season.

We are a team that goes as our two senior guards go and if they get matched up with teams that are physical and disciplined they can struggle to get into a good rhythm. Right now, I don’t see a team that looks like it has its identity and they better figure it out soon or they will be in jeopardy of watching the NCAA Tourney on TV.
I’m not a Coach A hater, but he knows what his roster has to consist of to be a true national contender and he doesn’t have that roster yet. Maybe he will in a year or two, but it’s not this one.

The defense did play well, most shots were contested or the shot clock was run way down because of good defense. Simply put, whatever they put up went in. It is the way it is.

He doesn’t have that roster yet? Explain.


For someone that proclaims to know so much about this game it’s surprising that you would need someone to explain the pieces of this current roster that are deficient when compared to the roster of the 94/95 teams which are the blueprint of success at Arkansas.
I have previously broken these differences down, maybe do some homework and you will get educated on the subject.
I’m not saying they can’t have a good season, but “Elite” they are not.

Oh, please give us specific examples of those “Elite” teams that the Hogs beat the brains out of by 25 points or more and then went on to have a “Great” season.

Look, if you want to discuss any part of the game of basketball as it pertains to the Razorbacks, I’d love to have that discussion. This whole thing you wrote is baseless accusations and ignorance.

Arkansas beat the brains out of #2 Florida a few years back. I don’t remember the score, but I do remember it getting to a 30+ lead, and that was a MA coached team.

It’s pretty simple. When you run into a team that can hold the ball to the end of the shot clock and throw up a 3 that’s all net and players have career nights you will get beat that happened. It’s one game. No big deal.
We have a good team and they have issued beat down and took them.
Our hogs will win a lot of games.
The one week lay off hurt their timing and we were just never in this game.

One of these days you guys will realize that CMA is not a great coach and he will never win big anywhere. He is a great guy and he could be a better coach if he would only hire some real assistant coaches and let them coach.

1 of 4 active coaches who have coached over 15 years without a losing season. Seems pretty great to me.

How many NC’s has he won or how many final four’s has he made it to? That is what separates the great coaches from the good coaches. I didn’t say he was not a good coach and that is debatable. Don’t come back when he was on Nolan’s staff, that doesn’t count.