Arkansas Football: Not a Difficult Job

I would tend to agree with Danny Sheridan. … -great-job

Go Hogs.

For defensive recruits John Chavis is the man to get it done on defense! Coach Morris has the offensive staff and when he show an explosive offense it will pick up.
Alabama can’t sign them all!

Can we recruit enough talent is the question not if we can get some good talent. Quality depth is the issue and we won’t know if CCM and staff can get that done until they have a couple recruiting classes under their belt the way I see it now. You don’t survive as a Sec coach for long with the bench short of depth, time will tell. WPS

As a side note, John Stephen Jones may be undersized, but the kid had some incredible stats in high school. He also has some very impressive videotape footage to go with it. When he first signed, I originally thought the scholly offer likely had more to do with his grandpops, than anything else. Those thoughts have since been vacated and corrected.

Dudley Dawson recently penned an enlightened and informative story about Jones. In my opinion, the young man will eventually be in the quarterback mix, and possibly, sooner than later. Perhaps an overreach and unfair comment on my part, but it’s hard not to think of Baker Mayfield while watching Jones play. … -shoulder/

Go Hogs.

I think there is an argument that the job is difficult but not as difficult as Bo Mattingly, his millennial show dupes and the some of the dubious SEC experts/punditry (not Mike Irwin, Clay Henry or Dudley Dawson) he brings on the air make it sound. Sheridan is right. The facilities are there and the fan base is sufficiently passionate. Loath him all you want because he did us wrong, but Bobby Petrino showed us that winning and relevance are well within our grasp if we recruit the right players (because we are not always going to be able to sign the best players) and we coach them up properly. Unfortunately, we have spent the last five years with a nice guy coach (Bret Bielema) who was simply a poor fit for our job. Bo Mattingly seemed to have a strong emotional bond with Bielema and has always left me with the impression that if Bret Bielema cannot be successful on the field (like Petrino) than no one could - making the job simply too difficult for someone like Chad Morris.

If Sam Walton had held Mattingly’s line of thinking, then Wal Mart would be nothing more than a 5 and Dime store at the corner of Walnut and 8th. in Rogers Arkansas. Tyson Foods would consist of a dozen or so Brooder houses west of Springdale and JB Hunt would have been nothing more a run-of-the mill owner/operator of one 18 Wheeler.

So, in that vein, I find myself agreeing more with Danny Sheridan regarding how easy (or difficult) the job as Arkansas head football coach job ought to be perceived.

It’s difficult because you’re in the SEC West.

But it’s certainly not as difficult as some paint it to be.

It’s one of the more financially prosperous programs fantastic facilities, fantastic place, and it’s been proven you can win here.

Just need someone to piece it all together and win with some sustained success. I think Chad is smart enough to do it. Getting recruits here is his biggest task, after Bret ruined the brand and severely set ya back with his historically bad career.

Let’s hope and pray it’s not too far down to being up, I think if we win 7 or more this year, recruits will notice.

Arkansas has great coaches and recruits very good players. However, it is almost impossible to compete against Alabama and Georgia with their outstanding recruits. Add 1 star to every one of our players and that is what Alabama and Georgia has. Furthermore, as good as Arkansas players are, LSU, Florida, and usually Tennessee and TexA&M almost always have better players.