Arkansas’ fans are going to have to be patient

This hire kind of reminds me of LSU picking Orgeron a cpl yrs ago. They both can recruit. They both can coach. Kids should want to play for him.

Arkansas’ fans need to be patient though. Recruiting is in an extremely bad place. Maybe the worst ever. It’s going to take 2-3 yrs to get this ship turned around.

I think most, the vast majority, of fans will be patient as long as they see effort, desire, toughness, and gradual improvement.

Most went into the CCM years knowing it would take years to get back to being good. Unfortunately, the effort, desire, toughness, and improvement was just not there.

Good post, we just want to see a move in the right direction on the field. WPS

Not getting blown out by Group of 5 schools in DWR would be a good start.