Arkansas Basketball should be pretty good in the near future

I have scouted this Kyree Walker kid and he’s the real deal, if he ever plays for Arkansas for whatever amount of time, Arkansas will be a Final Four contender. He actually reminds me of a young Kobe, he’s gone through a lot in his life with his Mother, he plays with a lot of heart.

I think Arkansas will get some size next yr with Jaylin Williams and Connor Vannover who’s actually very athletic for a 7 ft guy, he’s actually very consistent from the outside, and plays with toughness.

I think Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe will be back. Mason is close to being NBA ready, but he needs to get better defensively, better on the free throw line, and better from the 3, but he’s close, really close.
Isaiah Joe is going to be an NBA player one day, but he’s got a lot of work to do to get there. Starting with quit listening to fans, NBA Scouts, etc, and just play the game. ALL OF THAT CRAP IS RAT POISON!! Just play and have fun, it’s a fun game, have fun.

After talking with some people with knowledge, I really doubt that he ever ends up here.

His decision to not play high school basketball seems like it was not the best one now.

That sucks! Because that kid can play, and play at a very high level. He’ll be a star in the NBA though…

DD, are you saying that because of his drop in the recruiting rankings?
If so, I don’t believe those rankings would have any impact on any program across the country gladly accepting his commitment. The coaches know what kind of talent this young man has regardless if he played against high school kids this season or not.
I think if he does decide to play in college CEM and Arkansas would be at the top of his choices.

No, my opinion has nothing to do with his drop in the rankings.

I think he is a very good player although I am not sure about NBA stardom yet.

He should have gone ahead and played high school basketball this season in my opinion and some others.

I don’t think it has helped his development or - as they say these days - his brand.

But he has never made it to campus yet despite numerous assertions he was going to do so.

I just don’t think until he steps foot on this campus that I believe he will ever end up here. That is the opinion of some others around here as well.

We’ll see.

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