Arkansas appears to be incompetent coaching special teams.

And may (I’m not sure) be incompetent coaching offense. However, they have an outstanding defensive coach.

Actually, thought they were much improved today. Can get better, probably will.

I hope you are right. For me it’s wait and see. I believe our coaches deserve a couple of years to recruit, teach, and turn things around.

“INCOMPETENCE” is a VERY subjective term, depending upon the particular application.

The inability of a 60 year old, 300 pound man to run 100 yards in under 10 seconds is not indicative of"incompetence". The total lack of physical tools at the outset would make such an attempt a farcical fiasco.

You could take an old mule out and run him from dawn until dusk every day of his remaining life until the mule dropped from sheer exhaustion, and that mule would NEVER win The Kentucky Derby. That accomplishment is simply unattainable for the mule.

If the Arkansas Razorbacks do not have the prerequisite talent on hand with which to field a COMPETENT “Special Teams” unit - - (and they DON’T), - - that sad fact does not necessarily denote that the coaching is “incompetent”.

The sad part is that special teams was the best phase of the game for us… Defense was possibly the worst I’ve ever seen against BAD competition (not mediocre as someone said in another thread). And 5 INTs is virtually impossible to recover from, we were lucky the score was as close as it was. Now we are losing recruits. Fire these clowns and let the GAs coach the team interim. It can’t be any worse.