ARK/MIZZ Crockett arrested … marijuana/

Sometimes too much baggage comes with the stars. Hope this kid gets his life straight after this wakeup call.

And now we know!

CBB caught a fair bit of heat on another forum for not landing this kid. I realize if we all talked only about things we really know about there might not be any reason for this forum, but some things in particular folks need to stop and think about. Do you really know that much more about talent evaluation than our current HC? If something doesn’t make sense it is often because we don’t know the whole story.

I am sorry to see this. Wanted to see this player in the game. Always have been that way for Hog players and opposition ones in circumstances as this. And yes I would have given Bielema some heat if the dude had ran for 200 yards. However all RB’s & QB’s have little trouble doing that against this Hog defense it seems.

I know the law is LAW. However making this kid out as a big liability that Bielema just as wise as an old hoot owl passed up is stretching an unknown assumption with flimsy reasoning. Just another example on this board of giving coach a big pat on the back again for doing virtually nothing.

How is this kid a total liability to be ridiculed as undesirable for a football team when marijuana is now sold legally in several states? It has been legalized for sale in this state as a medicinal drug. I mean marijuana possession in low quantities now equates to a traffic violation. How is this kid now apparently such a bad seed on this board? BTW I voted against legalization. I don’t like the stuff or alcohol. They always mellowed me out right into deep sleep, way past being a happy drunk. A real party killer.

On all this great evaluation by Bielema and the coaching up there. Jake Raulerson toiling away doing a bad job weekly at RG until Johnny Gibson takes the initiative to call out Bielema in his office. Why didn’t our great coaching evaluators spot the abilities of Gibson in practice?? This makes someone wonder how many more definite player upgrades are over on the bench or maybe even on the scout team??

Good grief, 38, get some prunes to help that constipation. :roll:

Says a conservative steel locked minded individual that expects football playing youngsters to act as saints.

Maybe the whole story wouldn’t make sense to anybody but Bielema. I guess something impossible to fathom for someone with a closed constipated mind?

All these coaches at Arkansas would do better recruiting Arkansas kids when at all possible. You often get the fulfillment of a dream and a resulting desire sometimes very lacking with these out of state kids. Bielema is not the first one up there to ignore that reality to a large degree, I will give him at least that.

First I will state a FACT. THE HOG DEFENSE HAS BEEN INEXPLICABLY BAD ON A HISTORICALLY BAD LEVEL. Then right smack in the middle of all that you have the stellar defensive showing against Florida??? How could that possibly happen? There is really an obvious simple explanation.

It exists on every college football field in this country but is rarely if ever discussed. It is the relationship between a coach and his players. It basically boils down to two things, LOYALTY and/or RESPECT. I think every coach from Petrino back to Broyles has accomplished manifesting either one or both of those qualities within his player’s mental attitude towards him.

I think Bielema has big problems manifesting either quality or attribute without the aid of assistants. He has those assistants on offense, not yet on defense.

The end line here is that he is a weak coach at this level. Not a coach geared for longevity in the SEC. I wish Long had never hired him.

I totally agree that we should recruit Arkansas kids first and I don’t like that we seem to be late on some great talent. But maybe after Korliss Marshall he is hesitant when he knows they smoke marijuana frequently. Not that I personally care about anyone smoking marijuana but losing a player that you depend on in the middle of the season like this is probably worse than having a little less talented kid who will always be there.

FWIW, I posted this in another forum. I’m doing this because people instantly jump to conclusions.

I’ve talked to numerous people during the DC’s recruiting process and even recently. I never heard anyone say anything negative about his character. A questionable word never came up. Could I have missed out on any negativity? Sure, but I talked to people that had direct knowledge of DC’s recruitment.

He is obviously a great talent and although I’m thrilled to have Whaley, there has to be a reason you show no interest to an instate product like him.

He attended several Arkansas camps. They evaluated him and decided not to offer.