Are we good at anything???

Thank goodness we have track, or Arkansas might be last in every sport. We don’t need to add seats under the scoreboard. I would tear down the entire stadium and build a new 60k dome stadium in Little Rock and play every men’s basketball and football game there. The women can use BWA… Use RRS as a practice facility only. The COLLEGE kids don’t make a difference at games anyway, donate every unused student seat to kids in need in LR. I’d fly the players from Fayetteville to LR for every home game, which would help recruiting actually. I’d pump the noise down on the field like they do in Seattle.

We are currently ranked 18th in the directors cup. Which is leading in the SEC. We are obviously doing something right! :slight_smile:

Interesting, I didn’t know that, never even heard of it before. Learn something new every day…

We stink right now in both football and basketball! We have first half teams. They both leave defense in the locker room.
Maybe next year they may figure out as players and coaches the game is not over at halftime!
No adjustments no defense all year long! Actually no defense for 2 years. Coaches get a lead and pull a Stan Heath the one who could have a lead and give them away. Houston Nutt be conservative and turn games over to the defense.
Now we have Coach B. Get leads and change the offensive intensity and look like a total different team in the second half.
Last year in 2015 football had a better year this year they chocked!!! Period end of story. That cup for that includes underwater basket weaving they can gloat about I don’t care about. I want a Hog winner in football and basketball!
Get players with heart that want to be hogs!

According to Arkansas Razorback .com we are good at being student athletes see quote below… isn’t that what the number one goal is?

“In 2015-16, Razorback student-athletes posted a 3.23 cumulative GPA. It was the 13th consecutive semester that Razorback student-athletes recorded a GPA exceeding 3.0. Arkansas ranked second in the SEC in members on the fall academic honor roll, including a league leading 40 football student-athletes on the list. In all, nearly 300 student-athletes made an honor roll this past year and 100 names were added to Senior Walk as graduates of the University of Arkansas.”- Kevin Trainor Nov 15,2016-

It should be the #1 goal of all colleges, IMHO. Sadly, to the average fan it probably means very little. priorities, priorities, priorities!

We can start being proud of our athletes GPA and graduation rates after we accept the fact that we are below average in the SEC, usually losing but occasionally being thrilled when upsetting a top SEC team.

I think the university thinks other wise. Me on the other hand would rather have a winning FB/BB Program as opposed to a strong GPA/ Grad rate. I wonder if they’re legitimate programs out there that can do both and without cheating.

I think we are good at everything, but great at very little. Track may not be a popular sport, unless your watching the Olympics, but we have dominated in that area. Basketball king is Kentucky, football king is bama, and track king is Arkansas. It’s something to be proud of. I graduated from the u of a, so the rep of our school matters the most to me, not wins. As a coach I think, if we are only winning football games, then we are missing out on an opportunity to help young men be good adults. Our world is very low on young men of intelligence and character, so if we are one of the places helping people do that, then I am proud of our coaches. I hope sports can be used to make men out of boys, not make worse acting boys out of spoiled athletes.

Can someone hook me up with tickets to that? Those FB tickets were kind of a bust.

Since we have joined the SEC we have not won a conference championship in football. In that time, Baylor and Okie St have won a conference championship. We have spent millions on facilities and still no championships. The SEC currently stinks as a basketball conference and yet we’re not even in the top 5 in our own miserable conference. A&M is a recruiting dynamo and even they can’t win the conference or come close yet we say if only we had their talent. Well, we’re never going to get their talent because historically we never have!

So we as fans, what are we getting out of all this? Yearly frustrations and off-season talk about firing a coach or coaches. We enter every season hoping this is the year that we win those few games that will give us a conference championship and like astronomers waiting to see Haley’s Comet. I think the biggest mistake we made, although its hindsight, was joining the SEC. In the SEC, you have to be all in to win. Bama has players who have dope issues but they see the field. Ole Miss and others like to dangle some benefits to players and their families to get a recruit. This is the biggest big boy league out there and we want to play by the rules with one hand tied behind our backs. Well I love being honest and fair but they don’t play that in this league. It’s fish or cut bait and if you don’t have the stomach for it, well just look in the mirror!

Well, - - - - I am pretty thoroughly bummed out on football discussions at this present time. I don’t have any great expectations of upper echelon basketball success; - - and baseball season is a ways down the road… When the air conditioning needs to be turned on again, I’ll turn my thoughts to track.

I wonder how the Racquetball team, the Water Polo team and the Horseshoes team are doing.

Sadly Smashmouth, you are right on target. Fact is Arkansas runs a clean program. And teams like Bama, LSU, Auburn, and others have no problem with bending the rules to gain advantage. More importantly they have a “Network” that handles these issues and it’s hard to catch them with the NCAA " keystone cops" doing the patrolling. Ole Miss tried to set up their own “Network”, but didn’t handle the assignments correctly. And the NCAA seems to not have problem smacking around " up and comers" that get shady. Even Kentucky decided to just go get the most corrupt coach, and his “World Wide Wes” network, in college basketball to turn it around. What was it Coach Tarkanian said," The NCAA got so mad at Kentucky, they are going to give Cleveland State another year of probation". So knowing that, what do we do? Do we try and build a “Network” or be proud of what we can accomplish as a clean program?

Also, if Arkansas was to try and create a “Network” of our own, and we got busted by the NCAA, they would not hesitate to put the smack down on us. We just got out from under a 15 year NCAA “cloud” after we were investigated in 1997. We got hit with infractions in track and field, football, and basketball. We were classified as a double repeat offender. It was major infractions in track and minor infractions in football and basketball. We only came out from underneath this “cloud” as recently as 2012.

Accept the fact that Arkansas is not going to win much and just have fun going to games and enjoying the atmosphere. Be happy if Arkansas wins but if they don’t, so what? I was fun being there.

Of course that is important. My son is a Junior at UofA and has almost a 4.0 GPA (one B so far). I am more proud of him for that than I would be if he was the starting QB. That said, they don’t sell many tickets to watch him take Engineering test. There aren’t message boards to discuss how well he and his friends did in Differential Equations.

I certainly don’t offer this in a mean-spirited manner, but adopting a long-suffering defeatist attitude seems to rather smack of a determination to establish a pattern of entering really good restaurants, ordering some truly fine meals, and then leaving the price of the bill of fare on the table - along with a handsome tip - and exiting the premises without ever tasting the succulent provender that the fine eateries are justly highly reputed for. I fail to discern an appreciable measure of gratification in that practice.