AR vs Butler

Anderson might want to go to a zone. They are getting way too many open 3’s.


A bit too early to call it a day… we’ll make a run and they’ll cool off… lot of ball yet to be played…

[/quote]I hope so but it seems almost hopeless.

You may be right. We’re making a run.

Never understood why a big guarding a guard and a guard guarding a big, have a chance to switch and don’t do it. Results in a 3 Point barrage

We’ve stopped the bleeding, let’s see what we’re made of now ! WPS

Obviously, not the start any of us were hoping for.
They know for sure this will be a fight if they are going to advance past this Butler team.
The Hogs need to get it going at both ends for the rest of this half and get it close or even take a lead by the half.
Let’s see if the presser bothers them.

Wake up Hogs!

Dang it Hall!

We’re finally getting stops, we just need to convert.

Gafford needs help on the offensive boards

Until you posted that

We need a big run to finish because we are just standing around.

Everybody is just standing around and we’ve lost another rebound because we didn’t use two hands to bring it in.

This is so frustrating because we’re beating ourselves by being lazy and turning opportunities back over to Butler.

I go back to my original statement…it’s over. Anderson doesn’t have them ready.

Starting out 7-11 and 1-10 has nothing to do with being ready or not.

Hitting the floor, that’s what I want to see. Act like this means something!!!

Do you remember when it was 21 to 2 ? WPS

Still playing too sloppy, but love that the defense has finally picked up.


Do you remember when it was 21 to 2 ? WPS

[/quote]I remember. I guess turnabout is fair play, but I sure didn’t expect it. At any rate I feel we are in the game and I thought it was over.


Amen! WPS