AR FB ranked #25

On ESPN’s college Blue Blood football list.

Well, it’s a start. If the first half of this new season does not mirror last season’s fortunes we may have a reasonable expectation of moving upward. Arkansas does not seem to garner a lot of recognition or support from pollsters. The Hogs have beaten LSU handilly the past two years running, - - but LSU is ranked right up there in the ratified air of the preseason elite. LSU is accorded the prime rib, - - and Arkansas is dealt the baloney.

I have us ranked ar 15. That’s at the end of the season. I think we upset a couple of teams. An early loss to TCU will be forgotten if they have a great season. We won’t beat Alabama. Saban just knows how to take care of us. Of course, that loss won’t matter. I think we beat the crap out of LSU.

If we get beat by one of these cupcakes forget it. CBB should have a bic lighter under his fanny if that happens again this year. I know everyone is in love with the guy, but at some point fans will turn as we’ve seen in the past and when it does, it will get ugly fast.

I don’t relegate Bielema to the hotseat as readily as you appear to be disposed to do; but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, and I’m not quarreling with you over it. As has been stated numerous times by numerous Hog fans, I’m concerned by the established pattern of slow starts to each succeeding season thus far. That pattern MUST be broken for the Razorbacks to advance to the top tier echelon of contention for national accolades and honors.

A racing car which is capable of reaching 200 miles per hour is a notable achievement; however, requiring 10 minutes to reach that top speed is NOT.

:shock: “The blue bloods top 25”. All time not about just this year.

Yep, just shows people on here don’t read anything but the Subject Line

I plead “guilty” to ignorance here. I associate the term “Blue Bloods” with a TV show starring Tom Selleck.

I’m likely an anomaly, but I personally don’t care how Arkansas was ranked in 1983 or 1992. I don’t care if the Arkansas program is ranked 25th on the all time homogenized list, or is ranked 11th in overall fan base loyalty.

I care about what Bielema and The Hogs can accomplish in this 4th season of the Bielema era. I do sincerely regret my erroneous interpretation of this thread’s subject matter.

I’ll stifle my loquacious drivel and back on out of here now.

I humbly apologize for having sidetracked the thread.

Pretty good show

I read it. Just typed how I felt.