Anyone who thinks MA can't coach is an idiot, that was all coaching tonight.

Question for you DW. Just curious, if he ends up in the tourney around a 6/7 seed would it change your mind? Or what about him getting a 6/7 seed in the right bracket and making an Elite Eight with this squad? What would it take for you to change your mind?

I think Mike is a good coach not great.

Getting in the NCAA will not change my mind to say he is a bad coach, that is dependent of some things he cannot control

Where i have an issue was what i said before, subbing where there are no scorers or at least someone that can get their own shot.
Letting Moses take 3 pointers , the switching issues i said before and this has been going on for ever. To me that is coaching.

He seems to pull hot players when the team is clicking, now this may or may not be him when players get tired and need rest but i have seen Macon, Barford and Hannah are on the bench at the same time, that to me is ridiculous.

Really?? If you’ve seen a lineup of Kingsley, Thomas, Thompson, Watkins and Cook at the same time, then maybe you’ve been drinking. He pretty much always has two of the four of Macon, Hannahs, Barford or Beard out there at ALL times. Sometimes 3 of them. Regarding switching, it’s a defensive philosophy–you don’t have to agree. But at least be willing to take the good with the bad. Don’t just choose to ignore Kingsley getting a key steal from a guard at a critical moment…because he switched. Maybe you need to go back to basketball school. Or wait for a coach more to your liking.

Maybe u need to read better,
I did not say i don’t like him or think he is not a GOOD coach.mI think he is on par with Calipari who i think is a average coach

That was NOT the line up i said, what i said was he DID NOT HAVE those 3 in the game or at least 1.
He had Beard, Manny, Moses, thompson and Cook. Maybe u should watch the game and pay attention. Who is the scorer in that group? and please don’t say Beard

So you say its ok to have a center out on the PG all the time? Thats plain stupid.
Also Moses was not switching on that play he was out of position AGAIN and we were lucky. I’m ok with that.
Your ok with him jacking up 3 pointers just because he made 2? that my friend is poor playing and coaching if he allows it and by the look on Mike’s face at the time out he was not

I did not read ur question correcty i think.
If he makes it that far with this squad then yes i would,

Who said Moses is out there all of the time? When it’s crunch time you guard who you have to guard and make a play if you have to and that is what Moses did. Also, Moses has shot 9, count-em 9, 3-pointers in 20 games. He’s made 5. I don’t see that as a liability in that it has the ability to open the floor for drivers.

Whoever is out there, guard or forward, is on a scholarship and has the ability to score. That’s what they are there for. You continue to demonstrate that you don’t understand the game, except at some emotional level. My team isn’t winning in the way that I like basketball, so something must be wrong with it. Thanks for playing.

The absolute worst thing that could’ve ever happened to Kingsley was…being named SEC Pre-season Player of the Year. He is just never going to be that type of player. Also when did Fla get such a great fan base in hoops? Just asking!

note: I do think Moses has a good shot at defensive player of the year though!

Now to be a smart ass, what about today?

Chalk me up as an idiot!!!

One game doesn’t mean this is normal. We only give up 73 points a game and the way it’s going, we’ll give up 100. That’s definitely not normal.

So basically every time Arkansas loses or plays bad, you guys will come on here and say CMA stinks… got it.

Pretty much the norm for them. We win, and maybe 15 comments. We lose and over 50 will be made about how we suck. It’s maddening. Though this game, they may have a point because we are not playing well at all.

We just came out flat and never turned on the engine.

Making a little run, but now that I say that it’ll probably jinx us

I’ve read all these posts and one thing is evident to me. Anderson might be a good position coach but he is not an X’s and O’s coach at all!

And you know this how?

Have you watched him on the bench? Have you watched any basketball games? He can coach them to run wind sprints and to press but can’t coach them to actually play basketball!!! The Vandy win was pure luck. If not for a finger tip deflection, we would have lost that game.

yet another road blow out, they only scored 99, so we should feel good…pathetic

I have watches almost every game that has been on TV, online,replays, in person,listened on radio, almost every damn one since the mid to late 70’s. Again I ask you…How are you privy to know he can’t coach X’s and O’s?

no defense, no discipline, no meaningful road wins