Anyone hear this one?

I was told that H’Nutt was being considered for AD; and that higher ups want to steal Ok State football coach because he is established, near by, knows how to recruit Texas, and spreads out the offense. I only have hearsay on the matter, but was curious to see if anyone else heard such.

That is some crazy pants shiznet…No way The Dale comes back in any capacity and no way Gundy leaves OSU and T. Boone Pickens.

I don’t like either one of those options!!!

Tommy T might be a candidate for AD if they want and ex coach. He definitely would not hire Gus!!!

I’ve been hearing and reading that Tommy T IS being considered for AD and that Ark is making a full court press to hire Malzahn and that Tommy T would be okay with that. The folks on the Hill want people with Ark ties and these are the two high on the list. So it appears they will be cheering for Bama in the Iron Bowl hoping they can get Malzahn to come over.

If not, then possibly Gary Patterson or Norvell. If it wasn’t for fearing he’d leave in a few years, I’d hire Kiffin. I think recruiting would instantly improve and we’d see great results within a couple of years.

I am with you - I would hire Kiffin. It would be a fun ride!

I’ll only say your sources must have asleep for the last twenty years.

I really like that Nutt would be AD and hire Gundy. Be that is probably a pipe dream.