Anybody seen slowBOB?

I’ve tried to reach him but he appears to be lost somewhere. Tunica maybe? :roll:

If you’ve seen him, let him know that we need to talk about our opening game with Tech. I’m glad we’re playing Tech. About time we kept all the money in Arkansas. Tech is just a great institution. Right there in the Arkansas river valley next to the nuclear plant. The best thing about Tech is that you can walk across the street to Whattaburger. I remember back in the day when Tech was the Wonderboys. Unfortunately, the liberals got a hold of them and they’re now the Wonderpersons.

Anyway, if you can help me find Bob I’ll give him his directions. Ain’t hard. I 40 is easy to find.

Well, he is slow, so I guess that it is taking him time to get to this board.