Any chance we would have lost in LR?

I know the student section pulled us through to victory. Just wondering.

You’re trying to get Nostra to make an appearance aren’t you?

Had we lost in LR, it would have been due to our poor performance on the field. I’m sure someone would have blamed it on LR, but we were not good, and escaped only because LaTech missed 2 FGs. BTW, I am one of those Central Arkansas fans who understands the need to play all home games on campus. However, I frequently read/hear how we don’t need to play games in LR because the NW AR fans can fill the stadium, and the Central AR fans can’t. I was at the game Saturday. Even with fans from other areas, the NW AR stadium wasn’t full.

Porkdiet, I am curious as to what student section you are talking about…most of that section was gone by halftime. I was over on the other side looking at all the empty seats.

2nd thing…Who really cares? It’s been obvious for a long time that everyone on the Hill wants to stop playing in LR.
I say just move on…quit beating a dead horse.

Alright. I’ll stop. Just being sarcastic. Calm down.