Another hose job by refs in Florida!

What a bunch of crap! Bad enough we come out flat as a pancake :roll: , but the last 2 times we try and go on a run and the refs make absolutely horrible calls!

Not to mention Gator players are allowed 3 steps in Gainesville, makes things a little easier.

Can’t believe they called Beard for a foul on the rebound when Robinson was so over the back!

You got that chit right. If we were shooting well we would be right there. God awful call on Kingsley.

It was a momentum changer to say the least.

Fla is just refusing Hannahs to beat them from Three. Matter of fact they are defending the 3 pt line as well as anyone has against us all year. That missed FT by Thompson could prove huge.

Yeah that was a tough series for us. Man those 7 minutes in the first half may just be too much to overcome

Florida will spend the last 4 minutes on the free throw line.

Agree on the bad calls that were made and the ones that weren’t called. It appeared the refs were not going to let the Hogs get too close.

Chiozza drives the Florida bus. He is gonna be a Hog killer his whole career. First 6-8 minutes of the game was the difference. It was even the rest of the way. I just never felt we would get closer than 6 the rest of the way. Very poorly officiated game. The only charging foul calls were called Gators way. The one against Kingsley just plain reeked of home cooking. Rick Barry was a great player. His son is wayyyyyy overrated in all eyes except the officials. WE ARE STILL A LOCK for the Dance all you Haters! GHG!

Without a doubt, worst officiating I’ve ever seen, obviously something was fishy in that game…

Anyone who knows how I post about SEC officials, knows I don’t have a high opinion of them, but they didn’t cost us this game.

My biggest complaint about the officials tonight were the momentum killing HORRIBLE calls they made, and they were all against us. If we showed the slightest sign of life, they blew a whistle. For example, that call against Kingsley when he was lighting up the Florida defense, forcing him to sit on the bench. HORRIBLE!!! Or the call against Beard when he got the rebound and a Florida player jumped on his back and they called a foul against Beard.

I agree. They kicked out ar$$$es there is no denying that. But the officiating undoubtedly was ridiculous. What pisses me off about SEC officials in both football and basketball, is they get so easily influenced by the crowds. They have got to learn how to ignore the noise, the oooh’s and the awwhhs, and simply call what you see. Last night they saw a white dude get hit with a phantom elbow, flop to the floor like he just had his head blown off by a shotgun, and it took em 5 mins to decide what to do, killing all Arkansas momentum.
It’s frustrating!!

That being said, I’m excited about where SEC basketball and Arkansas basketball is heading. I think over the next 5 yrs, we may have 4 top ten teams in basketball in the SEC. KY, Ark, FL, and AL. It’s getting much more competitive, and I love competition… I think we could have the type of team that may be 2nd or even 3rd in the conference, and make it to a Final Four…

As bad as the officiating was, the officiating is not the reason Florida won. Arkansas lost any chance to win by doing what they usually do. That is, don’t play for the first 5 to 10 minutes and thereby allowing the other team to have a big lead. Once Arkansas waited until Florida got a huge lead before starting to play basketball, it was impossible for Arkansas to catch up because Florida is too talented and well coached.

With the lead at 8-11 pts…every single time Gators went 4-5 trips down the floor without scoring, so did the Hogs. That was the thing that stood out the most to me.