Annoying ESPN Broadcasting

Watching UVA spank Boise and at a critical point in the game, 4th and 1 for Boise, if they make it maybe they have a chance to rally, if not, UVA can go up by 4 TDs going into the 4th quarter. Are the broadcasters talking about football, about the dire situation faced by the Broncos? Are they attempting to create some drama on the field? Oh, hell no. They have a plate full of potato products and they’re yammering on about that while Boise is trying to draw UVA offsides, with no commentary on the game. They could have deferred the mandatory homage to Idaho Taters to a less critical point in the game, well, maybe if the producer weren’t a moron. End of rant.

They have laid off so much of their “talent” that what they have left is not very competent.

ESPN since Disney bought them, has become a political nightmare. It’s not about sports anymore, it’s about firing real sportscasters. They have purged the network of great sport knowledge people and have kept politically motivated liberals to read the prompt. The SEC network has become the fan favorite and even its on thin ice. I’ve lost it with their NFL and MLB segments and then you have the dumb down opinionated “experts” talking trash or rubbish with no substance. The college game commentators and analysts have to be overly careful not to become controversial, just calling a game, give a trophy to the loser too…plus only a few have any idea what they’re talking about…the real talent that has been lost are the guys behind the scenes, producers and their crews, etc. but who cares…

I mute most brocade I watch and listen to music. It the only way I keep from having a heart attack watching these hogs!
I keep saying it will get better. It better soon I’m getting old!