Announcing Team

Worst I’ve ever heard. Bill Walton rambling about bike rides and the Pacific NW and his days in the NBA. And that clown with him encouraging it. I can’t even remember how many times he described something as the ‘best in the history of the world’ or how many times he said ‘must be the shoes’. What a fool.

Amen. WPS

Agree on the Walton issue. I cut the sound off yesterday.

Let ESPN know. I did. That broadcast team is the worse I have seen. They hardly know a game is going on!

These clowns rarely talk about the game and the split screens make it even worse.

That was probably the worst game I’ve ever heard called in my life.

Walton and ESPN should be ashamed, but I’m sure they are not.

The problem is the other gentleman doesn’t have enough clout to really get Walton in line.

I wish I could say that it was gibberish. It was worse than that. It was complete misdirection and a lack of respect for the game and the players.

Yes, I agree that the big red head is quit difficult to listen calling a game, but today it was much more difficult watching guys like Macon simply not seem to show up for the game. He’s been talking all off season and early this season about playing with a chip on his shoulder about him not being selected all SEC and the team not getting respect. Well, he had a perfect opportunity today and he didn’t bring it to the big stage.
He wasn’t a McDonalds All American out of high school, but for some reason he probably thinks he should’ve been, well it’s time for him to stop talking and start playing as good as he believes he is and perhaps today’s outcome could’ve been different.
We currently have 1 NBA draftable player on our roster and it ain’t him, it’s a freshman named Gafford.

Okay … it wasn’t just me. One of the few times I had to use the mute button during a sports event. At one point I had to wonder if he’d been drinking (or smoking something). Disappointing performance by someone that historically is a decent announcer. As usual though the preference to promote NC (and Duke, etc) shows through.

Though NC clearly has a couple more top flight players, it was clear - similar to last years game, the Hogs would have to overcome officiating that is biased. While Mr. Walton was busy lamenting the ‘bad fouls’ by the Hogs, he simply lavished praise on NC players while they pushed, pulled, held … but then if you area top 10 team, that’s the way the game is played. In the end, as is usually the case, (3 minutes to go) Hogs go on a 10-2 run to close the game and as one could predict, a chippy ‘screen’ call 15 feet from the ball takes the ball away from the Hogs - slows their momentum and changes the rhythm of the game. Happens all too often in games where the top five are at risk of letting one get away.

It was a useful game for the Hogs youngsters to get a feel for how physical some games will get. They looked a bit frustrated … but that game will play dividends down the road in the wrestling matches of the SEC yet to come.

No Macon may not have fully backed up the talk yesterday. Of course he got hurt early in 2nd half so that may have had something to do with it. Or maybe playing 30 + mins a game 3 days in a row. Maybe him not getting the same calls when driving to the basket & getting butchered or just creating a little contact which seemed sufficient on the other end when any of them drove in the lane. Which btw Macon has not missed a free throw yet .
There was enough criticism to go around yesterday, but going forward I will continue to put my money on Macon any day of the week.