Announcers for today's SEC games

Im beyond tires of hearing Seth, Dick Vitale and Jason Williams! They all have one thing in common they bash the hogs! Why can’t the SEC guys call our tournament. Players from the conference.
I don’t like lazy Walker that was a horrible teammate in the NBA and his mouth either but I’d rather have him compared to these clowns.

I just came on to ask the same question. Will the ESPN bloviator in chief Vitale be doing the second game too or will they switch to someone who actually has some interesting observations about the game in front of him?

Dick Vitale is not calling the Hogs vs Vols and I’m glad he’s not!
He’s nothing more than a one time horrible basketball coach turned ESPN basketball clown that has done little else but kiss the tails of programs such as Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan State as well as UCLA and Syracuse in years when they’re good.

Go Hogs!

We lost badly embarrassingly. Man, if we’d just had a different announcer