Anderson still confused by Hall's transfer

From the voices I’ve heard, he had a close family member feed poison in his ear and it swayed him away. From everything else, it seems he loves Arkansas, UofA, and his coaches/teammates. He just got told he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. Makes no sense still.

The young man will have to live with his decision. There is a lot of the me syndrome in this younger generation. It might give the young man a little reality check. I wish him well.

General, I’m not doubting what you’ve written in this post, but I don’t grasp what that has to do with the header “Anderson still confused …” I opened this post expecting to see words from Anderson. He probably is still confused, but I don’t see that in this post.

It was on Bo Mattingly tonight. If I can find audio, I’ll post it.

Thanks. Again, wasn’t questioning you, just wondered where you’d heard it.

Im afraid Hall worked himself into a shoot and its gonna turn out to be a bad decision.

This is along the lines of what I have heard from someone who knows him and is plugged in to the LR basketball scene. Too many people giving advice and creating a toxic situation.

I don’t advocate Hogville very often, but there is a thread over there about transfers. It has comments from Tubby Smith. He says what you just did, too many people giving advice.

This is the link to the story, it’s from KY: … 20444.html

I don’t understand why D. Hall ultimately decided to transfer, only he does.
What I do know is that he is no longer a member of the Razorback family and we need not waste time on the subject.
Coach has already signed one knew Razorback and I’m hopeful he will sign another big at least 6’9" or taller soon and I don’t believe we will end up missing either one of the transferring players.

Go Hogs!

I agree with the highlighted portion

Since he was expected to be one of the starting 5 next year, a lot of us are confused by his transfer. But, I guess it doesn’t much matter for him or the team. Anderson will sign another player in his place and he will play wherever he transfers too.

Jones to Middle Tennessee

Hall to DePaul.

Very confused.

Hall to DePaul is a real head scratcher for anyone with any college basketball sense. This isn’t Ray Meyers nationally respected DePaul program and won’t be anytime soon. Whomever, talked this kid into leaving the UofA to the city of Chicago and DePaul doesn’t have his best interest at heart.
First of all, Chicago is the most dangerous place in America for a young African American to find themselves currently.
Secondly, DePaul basketball has been in the dumpster for the better part of the past 30 years.

Great advice!

Go Hogs!

Yep. I just don’t get it and what this family member was telling him. Aside from the history of playing in Chicago brings, this a completely backwards move.

I have to eat some crow about this years Hogs probably not missing Darius Hall.
This years team would be much better with Hall on the roster.
As for Coach Anderson being confused about his transfer decision, he might want to get that figured out because this a starting to be a trend with his program and it’s put us in a bad spot this season with basically no upperclassmen.
I believe he was also confused and didn’t agree with decisions by Whitt and Hazen to transfer either. I don’t recall what led to Nick Babb’s transfer, but all of these departures have had an impact on what our team is made up of today.
Now, this year we already have another Freshman, Jordan Phillips transferring out of the program.
Their is obviously a problem and the coaches had better start building stronger relationships with these young players in order to stop this trend.

Go Hogs!

After the 2017-18 season, the NCAA says 704 Division I players transferred. Yes you read that right. SEVEN HUNDRED FOUR. That’s an average of two players per team, in a sport with a scholarship limit of 13. More than 15% of all players. It ain’t just MA, folks. Coaches everywhere are dealing with wanderlust.

You can’t figure out what makes no sense.

Darious Hall stated that his dream was to play for the Razorbacks.

When he transferred I called him to found out what the deal.

We talked on the record and off.

All I say about the off is this was not his decision, but those around him.

As for CJ Jones, the door was opened for him.

Jimmy Whitt’s parents didn’t think he got to play enough as a freshmen and thought with Macon and Barford coming in, he was’t going to get much more time.

It ruined what had been a long friendship, especially between the Whitts and the Watkins.

Nick Babb and his parents thought he should play more.

Hazen wanted go back to home. He averaged 6.4 points and 4.7 rebounds in 18 minutes per game this season for Ball State

Long friendship between the Whitts and who?

This is the day and age of the “me” crowd.
They all want to take care of me! Parents want their kids to play now. There’s never a mention about the team!
While I agree some of the transfers would have had huge impacts especially last season and this season it may be a good thing they left!

The Whitts and the Watkins