An Oline Rotation is possible this year

We have had a great Oline during the Kirkland and Skipper years, but we have not had the talent at 2nd string to give guys a breather. Our Oline has had to pace themselves so they would not get worn down in the 2nd half. We finally have enough talent and experience on the Oline to have a 2nd string that can rotate. This year may be unique to have the talent AND a rotation that allows the starters to play without pacing themselves. Our guys should be more fresh in the 4th qtr and it gives us a chance to do more No Huddle sequences.

Am I wrong?

The only way we do no huddle is we are behind in the 4th, or trying to score before half, so no, I don’t see more of it. As far as rotation, I don’t see a whole lot more, offensive lines need to act as one, so once a first unit is established, they’ll be together, unless an injury or poor play causes someone to be substituted for. Now, hopefully, we can get the second unit more playing time this year.

Hatfield had a 2 platoon system for the Oline and that will work here. We used short sequences of no huddle at various points other than the 4th quarter last year. If the players on the 2nd string develop, then We can run it more if we want to this year.

Hatfield isn’t coaching here, and hasn’t for 26 years, we don’t use the no huddle often enough to say we use it, lol. Bielema isn’t going to use it except at the end of the half, or when we’re behind. We still huddled against OM down 7 with less than 5 to go, it isn’t his philosophy. Have we, or will we run it 2/3 times in a game, sure, but if we had 3 o-lines rotating he wouldn’t use it.

I’m not sure why you are taking such a hard stance? I am aware that Hatfield isn’t here. Neither of us are CBB. We will just disagree about my speculation and your absolute statements.

You brought up Hatfield, not me, and if you’ve paid any attention to Bret’s philosophy, the HUNH isn’t in it. Will we not huddle and go to the line occasionally, perhaps a time or two. The man hasn’t done it in his head coaching career, I don’t think it’s in his DNA.

We won’t be going no huddle unless it’s the end of the half and we won’t be rotating o-linemen. Hopefully we are blowing more people out this year and the second string gets more reps but they won’t be rotating to save stamina.

I have been listening to CBB and watching how we used some HUNH last year. I don’t agree with your stance but that is not necessary. We will soon see how it works out.

CBB has been pretty firmly against the no huddle. I can’t remember ever running it unless we were behind a couple of TDs and needed to score quickly. Not many teams at any level rotate o-linemen. The chemistry and communication is crucial between those 5 guys up front. Once you get a clear cut 5 you like to keep them together. We haven’t done either as part of our normal gameplay since CBB has been here. For that reason I don’t see either scenario occurring this year either.

I agree that we won’t be running HUNH except for catch-up or time restraints. I read on WHS today a pretty clear view of different rotations on the O-Line-it appeared to for injuries and such. For instance,the coaches were playing Raulerson some at center if Ragnow got hurt. That’s what it looks like-contengency planning/practicing. HOGS YA’LL.

I will stick with what I was told about a 2 platoon system. The reaction to a final sentence in my OP about no huddle fast play sequences is discounting the core emphasis about a rotation. We have more quality depth and a solid 2nd string and it was further detailed in reports from Saturday’s practice.

1st String
74 Colton Jackson OL R-Fr 6-6 300
51 Hjalte Froholdt OL So 6-4 318
72 Frank Ragnow OL Jr 6-5 319
50 Jake Raulerson OL Jr 6-4 301
70 Dan Skipper OL Sr 6-10 319

2nd String
76 Paul Ramirez OL Jr 6-6 299
73 Deion Malone OL Jr 6-3 296
75 Zach Rogers OL So 6-1 306
79 Jalen Merrick OL R-Fr 6-4 327
60 Brian Wallace OL So 6-6 335

61 Cooper Sone OL R-Fr 6-2 277
62 Johnny Gibson OL So 6-4 344
64 Jake Hall OL So 6-5 266
69 Dylan Hays OL Fr 6-3 294
71 Jackson Hannah OL So 6-2 282

They have had a mix of 8 guys working on the first team. They will get a starting 5, and then have someone to be a swing tackle, ready to backup either side, and an interior guy. I hope we have 10 guys ready to play, but right now we need 5 acting as 1.

Raulerson and Ragnow give us great flexibility. The 2nd string will be quite solid if Deion Malone can keep progressing.
76 Paul Ramirez OL Jr 6-6 299
73 Deion Malone OL Jr 6-3 296
75 Zach Rogers OL So 6-1 306
79 Jalen Merrick OL R-Fr 6-4 327
60 Brian Wallace OL So 6-6 335

While it is reassuring to hear good things about our depth at OLine, I don’t see a platoon system being a real option. In addition to previous comments that we need 5 guys working in unison, a platoon system for the offensive line would require that 10 lineman stay healthy throughout the season, which is just not realistic. Given the propensity for injuries, however, we should consider ourselves fortunate that our depth is such a strength.

Read on WHS today that the O-Line is beginning to stabilize. Raulerson looks to be a special rotation guy for injuries and such. HOGS YA’LL.

At the very least, we have more able bodies that can be used in critical game time situations than ever in my memory. We will have a rotation that keeps us fresh, but maybe not a full platoon rotation ala Hatfield’s days. Needless to say this is the first time I have seen such high quality players in the 2nd string on the hill.