Am I the only one having Trouble!

I cancelled my scout account and registered here. Then I added a subscription here, (I was month to month) and they sent me an email saying my account is active. I log-in and go to the premium boards and they say you do not have permission to view. What’s up? I even called the Democrat Gazette and talked to a nice lady who tried to help me. I don’t even mind that the price went up 5 dollars a month-my wife might-but I would like to be able to view the premium posts!

Try it now PigMan

I’m registered, but they say I did it wrong and to redo it. I go back to redo it and they same my name is already being used, ugh!

Also is their an insider board, because the only insider board showing up on the index is Baseball and Basketball and Recruiting. No general Insider board.

Send me an email with the issue, please.