Allen, Skipper win SEC awards … ec-awards/

Did anyone see and hear where CBB said he would quite if Skipper was not names Special Teams Player of the Week? Looks like Skipper got better notoriety by being Offensive Lineman of the week.

Austin Allen was a no brainer. After two games, he is already moving ahead of all of the other SEC QBs. He will get better and better over time. All of the ANYBODY but ALLEN Haters are continually being proven wrong. Woo Pig!!!

I think he was talking about Toby Baker, the punter, who averaged over 50 per kick.

You know that makes sense? Did Toby not get SEC Special Team Players of the week? Good Lord, I sure hope that CBB don’t keep his word and quit. I am sure he meant as tongue and cheek.

Hogs should 3 awards for the week. Man if we can dominate Texas State and beat A & freakin M I will be one Happy Hog.

I hope the coat change of the offense of line of the right tackle Jackson is not cutting it and sometimes the right guard is not cutting it also. I hope you play Brian Wallace more he wasn’t a under armor all American for nothing. The left guard also needs to be replaced.

Yea we do have the two true freshman but Eno’s playcalling seem to be enough to nullify their sometimes mistakes.

Froholdt, okay…he may be becoming an All American by next year. He is quite decent once he got his bearings in the run game in both games thus far. Very high ceiling. O-line weakness (still youth developing) and all, CBB’s style is meshing perfectly with Coach Enos’s playcalling. Well, they are creating tremendous synergy again with the offense this early in the season, balanced on the other end by strong d-line and getting lot of national lub as a result. Hogs are back in the spotlight!! Woopig!!