All the “No one wanted the job” noise

Does it really matter?

Can Sam Pittman coach? Yes! Just because he doesn’t fit someone’s perception of what they feel like should have been the hire, does not mean, it’s not a good hire for Arkansas.

Maybe God put this man here for us at this time, to unite this long time fractured and angry fan base?

His players say he can coach, he definitely can recruit, maybe this is actually the perfect hire for Arkansas?

But what do we have to lose at this point people? We’re so bad, we stink! Arkansas Razorback football is officially one of the worst teams in the entire country… Maybe Sam Pittman will be the next Ed Orgeron? Maybe he will go out and find us a great QB, build up the lines on both sides of the ball, and in 1-2 yrs, Arkansas will be competitive against everyone.

If your players love you, they will play hard for you, which is why LSU is going to be hanging another title banner soon.

LSU is extremely talented. They play hard for Orgeron, yes. But they returned almost every starter and they were all coveted players.

I agree! Obviously LSU was an easier gig x 120…LOL…

Those six or seven recruits that actually went to college for something other than just football, that stuck with Arkansas, they have character, they may not have 5 ***** but they have character, start with them, and start rebuilding piece by piece!