Alcorn State

Don’t know much about them. Any thoughts?

Also, how long do you think it will take to see the second unit take the field.

Will we rush for 250 yards?

Game ought to be over by the 2nd qtr. Should be lots of playing time for the backups.

CBB should bench AA for this game. As much as he got hit last week, give him a break. We shouldn’t need him at all for this game, but I’m sure he will start and because this is a meh game, he will probably take an uneccessary hit and be out the rest of the year. That’s just the Hogs luck

I hope they work almost exclusively on the running game and hold off on possible sacks.
And I hope they get a good number of OL guys playing time.

I would give RW3 and KW a quarter to gain 100, Devwah and TJ the rest of the game to see how their pass protection is going.
If Devwah plays more than 4 series, I predict he will have 150-175 yds.
Let AA play one quarter, then Ty Story the rest of the way.

Looking at what we’re paying Alcorn State to play us, I can’t keep from thinking: Arkansas State could use that money. Or UCA (especially since they just beat ASU). Or UAPB, who’s in Alcorn’s own conference.

College football is far different than it was back when John Barnhill wrote the “no in-state schools” policy. First, no one else in Arkansas is gonna join the Razorbacks in the Power Five. Second, no one truly expects Arkansas to play Arkansas Tech, Henderson, John Brown, Ouachita or SAU anymore. If Jeff Long needs to pay schools to play us as designated patsies, he should consider ASU, UCA or UAPB before ULM or Alcorn.

Why? Would they (ASU, UCA, or UAPB) pay AR $100,000 to play them on their own campus or at War Memorial (I know GSD). Why should AR pay them?

I guess because they call them rent a win games. And that kind of money, small by Division one standards, is a lot of money for the smaller schools, worth the beating they know they will take.

The money argument won’t work (I have noted this at least 20 times, oh well), here is the math:

ASU or UAPB or UCA have only so many games they can fill as “rent a wins” for some one else. They have to play their conference games, they have to play so many home games. Each school decides how many times a year they are going to rent themselves out. What ever the number is, it is. Lets say ASU has decided on 2 times (it can be one time, it can be 4 times, it doesn’t matter, the math works out the same). OK. ASU rents itself out to Auburn and LSU (lets just say) for $750,000 a game. UofA pays 2 rent a win teams $750,000 each to play UofA. What is the math? ASU gets $1.5 million for renting itself out twice. UofA pays $1.5 million to schools to play it. NOW, change it up. UofA pays ASU that $750,000 instead of ULM or whatever, and ASU doesn’t play Auburn (remember ASU only has so many times a year it can rent itself out, playing UofA doesn’t give it a 13th game). What does ASU now get for its two games? $1.5 million. What does UofA pay out for 2 rent a win games? $1.5 million. Money from UofA doesn’t spend any better than money from Auburn. ASU doesn’t get any more money to play UofA, UofA doesn’t save any money.

It is a zero sum game unless the NCAA starts allowing UofA or ASU an extra game if they play each other, which isn’t going to happen.

Stop with the math, it actually makes sense and we want to complain :smiley: