Alcorn St.

Well let’s enjoy the Alcorn win, then it will be a while… hope Ty Story is ready when we get to auburn, withe the beating AA took, he will tough to keep together vs. BAMA and Ole Miss.

Hopefully the first team only plays for a half. AA will be rested and ready for the grind. I truly believe the oline will play better against Bama and Ole Miss.

I hope so. AA got pounder and took it. I hope they saw his ability to pass under pressure and let him turn it loose more. We he has to throw in obvious passing downs that decreases his chance of success.

If we don’t win by say 40-45pts this week I say we drop out of the top 25. AA is a good QB but he took to many hits in the TAMU game and that CANNOT be sustained. HOGS YA’LL.