Alabama has tremendous Guards

Defense will be critical on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Arkansas can’t get a big head after tonight, you should have won, you were at home. Alabama is the #1. 3 pt shooting team in the SEC, and they’re #2 in the SEC in Rebounding… Arkansas will have to be pros, put this behind you, enjoy it tonight, and get ready for Saturday.

The good news is, Arkansas can scout them tomorrow night as well against Ole Miss…

Yes, they like the 3 ball… however, they’re not shooting the 3 ball as well as last year.

I hope Bama jacks up 3’s Like they have been doing and missing! The hogs have guards too!
Keeping Bama from driving to the rim will be the most important defensive challenge.
If the hogs take care of the ball and drive to the hole we should be fine.
I’m ready.

I hope Bama has a tough intensive game because we have that extra day to rest over them.

Yes sir! I hope Ole Miss plays them tough and it’s a slug fest. Maybe 2 OT’s to boot.

Quinerly has not played well for the most part this year.

His shot has been a little off. Shackelford has been a little off too but he can make some crazy shots. Bama is prone to foul trouble. Especially their bigs! They take breaks on defense!

Alabama wins this game going away, unless Arkansas’ D is outstanding, and they match their 3 pt shooting. Alabama will be far more motivated, and have far more energy as well, probably remembering the last game, when they were a top ten team. I’m thinking Alabama 90 Arkansas 82… Arkansas’ Defense hasn’t been consistent against 3 pt shooters, they get very lazy adjusting to screens many times.

Man why be so far off from the rest of our fan base? I assume y OU r a hog fan.
We have guards that can play ball! Our hogs can beat team in the country with defense! Take care of the ball and attract the rim! Get ‘em in foul trouble and they can’t be playing with 2 quick fouls fouls the whole first half.
I’m still believing our hogs win!

He has said on here before, he was not a Hog fan, he just wanted to discuss sports since he’s now located in AR

Oh I understand now.

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