Aggies favored by an average of 5.4 over Hogs

The Aggies are favored by an average of 5.4 over Hogs at … as/?s=1873 for the 8 PM Central Saturday game on ESPN at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. The point spread varies from 2.5 to 6. We are ranked 17th and 18th. We are still ranked below Tennessee despite our 39 point win over Texas State, a team which beat Ohio at Athens, Ohio and Tennessee beat Ohio by only 9.

I think that TN is overrated by about five slots in the polls. That being said, I think we continue to see improvement by the whole team. Now if AA can control himself and get through without any INT’s then we should win in close one with the score in the thirties again. HOGS YA’LL.

This game might actually make or break us this season. It would be great of course to win, but this is a tough game folks.

Coach wanted us to be recognized and now we are at #17. Now it’s up to him and the staff to improve on that. they have started hot the last couple of years and we haven’t. This year we both have. The offense has been getting better at this early stage. Better than I thought. AA is in the top 5 in passing in the SEC and RWIII is 3rd in rushing.

They should be. Arkansas has lost the last two years against them even at their worst. Yes, Arkansas beat a TCU team. TCU doesn’t look nearly that good. A&M doesn’t look great to me but neither does Arkansas at this point. Hoping for a Hogs win though.

Squealer-The Hogs continue to improve as do the Aggies but let us hope that we have improved more. I say its going to be a nailbiter and the best defense wins the game. We absolutely must have some QB pressure on A&M. HOGS YA’LL.

If their QB is allowed to drop back and fire it away in less than 2 sec than pressure won’t be a factor. Press coverage and aggressive D the way we played against TCU. And our Oline needs to be up to task against their D line pressure. Agree low scoring, key turnovers or special teams make the difference

Like it always is,QB play is one of the big factors in this game. QB play in turn is affected in large part by pressure-we will see which OL is better. I also think we are going to see AA throwing to the running backs out of the backfield a little bit too. HOGS YA’LL.

As they should be, they are ranked higher now and we have lost 4 in a row to them.