Aggie jokes

It’s that time again so share your best Aggie jokes as we get ready to win Saturday on prime time ESPN!

Here’s mine: Four Aggies spent all day one Saturday at a bar in College Station where they had reserved a special table to do an A&M school assignment. The bartender served them food and drinks all day and noticed that they were completely focused on their project. Finally, after 9 hours of work, they jumped up and began yelling and giving high-fives to one another.

The bartender walked over and asked why they were so excited, and one of them pointed to the puzzle box on the table. “It says 2-3 years on the box but it only took the four of us 9 hours to finish it!,” exclaimed the Aggie.

Go Hogs!

Had to read twice (what does that say about me?), buy very Aggie like!

A guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “Hey bartender, I know a great Aggie joke. You want to hear it?” The bartender says, “Well, before you tell it I should probably tell you that I went to A&M. And you see those two big guys sitting next to you – they were linebackers for the A&M football team. And those two guys on your other side – they’re Marines, and they used to be in the Corps of Cadets at A&M. Now, are you sure you really want to tell that Aggie joke?” The guy thinks for a second. “I guess not,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to have to explain it five times.”

A couple:

Did you hear about the Aggie that broke his leg raking leaves? He fell out of the tree.

How do you recognize an Aggie in a department store? He’s the one trying to slam the revolving door.

How many Aggie freshmen does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Zero. That’s a second year course.

Why do Aggies have a few more smarts than horses?

They are a little more smart than horses so they don’t disgrace themselves in a parade.

What do you call a beautiful girl on the Texas A & M campus…

A visitor!

An Aggie mother told her son to put on a new pair of clean socks every day. A few days later, he couldn’t put his shoes on.

How do you get the Texas A & M graduate off your porch? Pay him for the pizza!

You will have a hard time finding ice at the A & M campus cafeteria because the student that had it’s formula finally graduated.

A Razorback and an Aggie are using the men’s room. When the Razorback finishes and walks toward the door the Aggie calls over his shoulder, “At Texas A&M, they teach us to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom.” The Razorback replies, “At The University of Arkansas, they teach us not to go to the bathroom on our hands.”

3 lions escape from the zoo. After three days they decide to go their separate ways in search of food. The first lion says he’s going to Fayetteville to feast on the football players at the UofA. The 2nd lion decides he’s going to LSU because he heard they have big football players there. The third lion says he’s going to Texas A&M because he heard they have really big football players.
After 1 year the lions meet for a reunion. The Arkansas lion and LSU lion are big, fat and healthy with shiny manes. The aTm lion is scrawny, cut up and has his ribs showing. He couldn’t believe how good his 2 friends looked and wanted to know their secret.
“Well, we hid in the bushes by the practice fields and when we saw a football player we would jump out and eat them”, replied the 2 lions.
“I don’t understand. I would hide in the bushes and jump out and scare a football player and eat them, just like you 2 did” said the aTm lion.
“Ah! We see your problem. When you scare the crap out of an Aggie, all you have left are boots and buckles!”