Advice Needed - Seat Selection

I am bringing my family to The Hill for their first game this Saturday, including 2 kids (10 and 11), one of whom is pretty short. I’m considering two locations currently available: Sec. 104, row 1 and Sec. 103, row 28.

Obviously, the Sec. 104, row 1 tix are more expensive, which is fine; but I don’t want to be down so low that they won’t follow the action across the field well. The upside, I’d think of being in row 1, would be that no one would block their view.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated!

Thanks and GHG!

Looking at the interactive chart on seatgeek, Section 104 Row 1 is 50 yard line tickets home side. Row 28 is middle of the lower bowl, but again that’s an interactive chart.

Thanks. I’m aware generally where the seats are located, just hoping for some intel from someone who has a lot of experience with those sections.

Sec 104 Row 1 will actually have two rows in front of you…Row A and B which are the chair backs. You will be very close to the players. If the kids keep up with the players and really want to be a part of the action, Sec 104 would be the best. Sec 103 you’ll be around the 30 yard line and be high enough to see every play regardless of the line of scrimmage. I remember being a kid and sitting down low and that was fun for me.

Great advice, Snout. Thanks!

My experience sitting down low (row 5 in WMS) is that sometimes you can’t see the action on the field over the people on the sideline. As for the short kid, he can always stand on the bench for a better view.

Personally, I much prefer the higher seats and the 30 yard line is just fine.

And don’t forget, the big screens ought to help with replays if you opt for the lower seats.