AD Search Committee

I’m a little concerned with the timing and how long it might take them to assemble candidates, interview them and make a selection. Then that AD would have to consider possible coaches if any good candidates are left!

Three scenarios:

  1. The committee maybe a sham, maybe so certain individuals can point fingers and say not our fault.
  2. Committee was formed because Plan A and Plan B both said no (I’ve actually heard this rumor)
  3. Jeff Long was fired to send a message the “Good Ole Boys” are back in charge, and they didn’t think it far enough through and are now scrambling to fix it

I am not one to be in the know…BUT…the AD search committee now, might, just might mean CBB has another year…just saying.

Maybe, to me that would make sense, but I have a feeling, we will name an AD sometime around Dec 15, and HC after the Jan Bowls

This is a real “head scratcher”. It looks more each day that CBB will be around a little longer unless the guys in charge already have a back room deal with a coach and the only real search is for an AD. The signs just don’t add up. Hopefully the Hogs are not going to be left on the outside looking in when all is done.

The acting AD can make a hire. That will be the same person who fires B.B. as well. You don’t have to have one before the other. Just have to make the BOD happy. They’ll get what they want.
Nevertheless I agree- it is odd.

If CBB gets on a plane Saturday to recruit, then he’s here for another year!

It will be very interesting Friday after the game…CBB and staff must be aware one way or another, or surely some outlet would have picked up any noise by now. You are right, if CB gets on a plane Saturday or any other coaches, they will be back.
IF CB is kept, something needs to change…I don’t foresee that happening.

Arkansas appears to not have planned this very well at all. I’ve been patient since the NC of 1964. I became old enough to root hog or die since 1958, so another year
of waiting…something I’ve gotten used to…lol.

I don’t believe any of us have the slightest idea what may or may not happen once this final game is over tomorrow with regard to what the BOT’s plans are for moving the football program in a different direction and the final decision may very well be a complete shock to all of us.
What I believe we do know is that no one is proud of what has transpired over the past six seasons and changes of some significance need to be made or we will continue to be irrelevant and with that irrelevance the revenues that come from the Football Program will decline because no one is eager to spend their hard earned money on a loser.
I hope they get it right!

Well I’ll say it. Even though names are flying around as possible candidates to replace CBB, we may soon realize we have done something that is going to be impossible to recover from. More than me were a little shocked the last time around that AD Long could could attract a Bret Bielema to Arkansas. This time around, though, I firmly believe the pant suit lady will have an impossible job facing down the fan base desperation I predict will start to set in.


The Interum AD’s name is Julie Cromer Peoples, so please refrain from disrespecting the woman by degrading her, it’s folks like you that say ignorant things that give men a black eye.

You eluded to Jeff Long’s hiring of Brett Bielema as if that was something great, how did that work out?

Just keep your mouth shut and allow the woman and those assisting her to do their job for goodness sake. How much worse of a Head Coaching Hire could they do than what Jeff Long did?

No problem Farris with anyone of the opposite sex. Have devoted a life to judicial review in this regard. However, from what is known about those pulling the acting AD’s strings, all I see is pride. I apologize, though, if my real-world reference to Cromer Peoples, has stepped on some of yours. Sex has nothing to do with it.

However, more than me have already noticed that what has taken place is not a good start to a good finish. Very unpolished, messy affair. Some of the statements coming out attributed to her, the national media is all over “how not to fire a coach.” Read a related statement this morning, “what coach would want to come to Arkansas now.” If the BOD has an agenda to move on, so be it. But if the acting AD’s record is to be judged the same way Bret Bielema’s has, I don’t think it forecasts a bright future for her career path.