AD announcement tomorrow??

Twitter saying new AD tomorrow. word is Gragg from Tulsa. anyone else hearing anything?

Was he at Arkansas years ago?

I googled him…he got his doctorate from UofA, was a player at Vandy. Wonder if he has a relationship with another former Tulsa staffer that we conveniently want to hire…hmmmmmm

Yeah, I was just reading his bio also. He was an Assc. Athletic Director at Arkansas, thought i knew his name. His bio is impressive, I think we got a winner.

Broyles Guy?

He was under Broyles yes…started in 2003 (I think) and was there 6yrs. Played at Vanderbilt. .4yr letterman at WR

looks like i broke the internet posting this rumor…

Why? I think it is confirmed now, multiple sources.

being denied by UofA, Tulsa, all over twitter now that it’s not true/premature

Just saw that…geeze can these people not get anything right?

It looks like KNWA jumped the gun … at least for now.

Gragg hired Frank Haith, check that record. Think the committee just floated his name to see if anyone objects to his hiring. maybe the new path forward for Steinmetz–pay for play. Haith caught cheating at the U, Missouri and then Gragg hired him at Tulsa? Hopefully we can do better than the Tulsa AD?? But everyone telling us to set our sights lower…so maybe this is new era. Gragg and then get a coach from SMU or Memphis. won’t generate much interestl, but will definitely save us a bunch of cash. yawn

It’s a little more complicated. … … violations

I heard he was going to be announced Friday, but I’m not going to say it’s a sure thing. So much info floating around it’s hard to say for sure.

So the two main sport hires are Frank Haith (Who was penalized by the NCAA regardless of Seth Davis report) and left both Miami and Missouri after NCAA rules infractions at both schools…and his Football hire is coming of a 2-10 season ? I know he has Arkansas and Gus ties and if he’s the first domino for Gus arrival and that is the end result, I am all in. If not and we are expecting him to go hire a Power 5 football coach, just not sure he’s the right guy.

That depends - who you are referring to in ‘these people’? If you mean folks talking out of school, without proper authority, without the whole story - wanting to be ‘the source’ … - are those ‘these people’ that can’t get it right? Since there wasn’t any announcement from either school nor the candidate nor the firms hired to vet, we can’t really suggest ‘those people’ can’t get it right. All ‘those people’ did was respond to information that was rightfully in their domain to announce with explanations that the information was not correct.

So, for argument sake, lets agree that ‘these people’ that can’t ‘get anything right’ should spend their time reporting confirmed news … or better yet, stop rushing to the podium with half-baked information. After all, this ain’t Knoxville … (:-))

That’s the problem, we are looking more n more like Knoxville.

TOMRROW NEVER COMES :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


SMU COMBO: Rick Hart AD Chad Morris HC

Just a thought.