A person’s true character is RARELY revealed when everything is great, but it’s OFTEN revealed when things are not so great

We’re seeing Calipari’s true character now, cutting players for the first time ever, embarrassing himself on the sidelines against Louisville… Anyone can throw a punch, that’s easy, the mark of a real man is how you respond after you take a few punches…

Karma. Greaseball is getting what he deserves. He has cheating to establish this pattern of building his team for years and cries about freshmen and their mistakes. Well the whistle can’t save when when they throw up so many bricks! It’s funny and if there were ever a coach that has earned its Greaseball. I hope they go 1-26 on the regular season.

Maybe this is the result of a light bag from his bagmen. Couldn’t happen to a better, uh worse person.

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