A friend told me

Today in a conversation over the razorbacks, and how low they have fallen, that the only time a coach and an AD will point to the success of their players in the classroom over everything else, is when they aren’t winning games, and look bad over all on the field.

I couldn’t agree more. While I think it’s important that they get an education, they are also here on a football scholarship and the football coach is paid to win football games, not tutor history. So ultimately, cool they are doing well in the classroom, that’s great, but are they winning? No. Are they going to win 6 of the last games? Hell no. This is a bad team, it’s easy to see. Bret has failed to develop players, and failed tremendously in recognition of recruiting needs. The OL is as bad as last year which I thought would never happen. The Defense is as bad as last year, also didn’t think would happen. Our 5th year qb has been beaten to death, now we have a RFr starting. Sad year. It’s time for Bret to go, he’s been in over his head since he got here. Not the coach his precious record shows.

Well, that’s the most obvious talking point of the season!
Sure, all will agree that we want our young men and women to get their education while on an athletic scholarship at The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
I don’t place any blame on the kids because I’m sure they are working hard on and off the field to compete as best they can.

The blame for the results we have seen on the field is completely on the HC and the staff that he has hired to coach, prepare, game plan and develop these young men in order to compete in one of if not the best conferences in all of college football.
While Arkansas is a fine academic institution, we aren’t Vanderbilt, Northwestern or Wake Forrest and we do expect to be able to field a competitive football team most years and while Coach B was given a pass for the first couple of seasons that time has expired and this is solely a team of his choosing and if this is the best type of team he is capable of putting together from a staff and roster aspect then he isn’t going to be saying WOO PIG for much longer.

Go Hogs!

Wrong, the reality is that under Petrino we were about to lose scholarships because he didn’t graduate players. Bielema was tasked with changing the culture by Long and the University that is why they make a big deal. Early on Bielema spoke of moving the program to be more like Stanford. I don’t think he came up with that thought process on his own.

Correct, from a winning to a losing culture as well.

Also, the University of Arkansas, as much as I love it, is not even remotely comparable to Stanford. Academically they shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Bret has failed, he is not what we were sold. He got a nice 5 year pay day. I figure that last year he really realized he couldn’t coachbin this league. He’s just not that good of a coach. It’s clear to see. So point to the academics, easy way to shed some criticism. The way I see it, is if the kids have the want to, they will graduate, if they don’t then they are blowing an opportunity. You can’t want it for them. But I’d guarantee they all want to play football.

This was the first time in 5yrs that Bielema took a leap on a recruit that was borderline academically, Monteric Brown and it didn’t pay off. That speaks volumes to me as to the marching orders he has been given. The powers that be want him to win but academics and players that stay out of trouble are paramount.

His first year he had an OL commit that didn’t qualify.

Montaric is on campus, qualified just fine, just took a little longer, so not sure what you are talking about.

I want players that win games, and I think we have the players. We don’t have the coach to coach them to wins, that’s the problem. We have a smart, young and talented team. But we have an emotionless blob as a coach, who I to this day question what the heck he actually does. I could be a CEO of a college team if I had my assistants do absolutely everything. It’s time to get a coach who knows what he is doing.

Wrong…again. Brown is academically eligible to have financial aid and practice not to play effectively making him an academic redshirt. New NCAA guidelines…

http://www.ncaa.com/news/ncaa/article/2 … start-2016


So, when can we expect the lack of graduating players to take effect on Alabama with all of the underclassmen that have not graduated and gone on to the NFL draft?
Can you tell us when this same rule will have a crippling effect on the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team that I’m quite confident haven’t graduated 15% of its players during the Calipari era?

I think the entire fan bases of the rest of the SEC would love to have that information when both schools scholarships will be reduced, we look forward to you doing some in depth research and keeping the rest of us informed as to what year some school other than these two will be the favorite to win an SEC Championship.


Oh, don’t ever elude to The University of Arkansas and Stanford being on equal academic footing again.
While Arkansas is a fine University you just can’t go there.

As a matter of fact we aren’t even on an even footing with this far superior academic institution in our Athletic Programs.

The guy was going to redshirt regardless, he’s a 175 pounds. The fact that he’s on campus and practicing blows your claim. He did qualify to get to campus, it just took longer than it should have. That happens some times, and he’s worth the risk if it didn’t, he’s very, very talented. I’ve seen him play.

There has been improvement since the last year of Petrino’s tenure but it’s NOT like it was a cesspool. (Let’s not forget what he inherited from Mr. Nutt.)

Take a look at two articles on academics (and do a little extrapolating of the football data therein).

The links:

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/43_ac … 205364068/

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/acade … ords-fall/

Remember take out the football data and look how it compares from one article to the next. Improvement? Yes, but pretending that the football program was in terrible shambles academically just isn’t accurate.


If the cost for this much improvement academically is the shambles our football program is from the standpoint of competitiveness, it’s NOT worth it. Winning at any cost? NO. But losing at all costs for the “joy” of an out of touch Athletic Director? HELL NO.


Oh really? So your contention is that our #1 defensive recruit was planning to redshirt? Yeah…ok.

Chevin Calloway was our #1 defensive recruit.

And the insiders made it known that was probably going to happen, he was just and is just too small to play right now. There are also 2 seniors and a junior ahead of him. Safety is a tough position to pick up, even harder when you are the smallest guy on the field. So yes.

Ratings don’t mean you’re going to start instantly.

Kam Curl wasn’t the highest rated, but he earned his spot, he’s also physically farther along than the others.

The same could be said about Alabama. But they didn’t lose any schollies; nor did Arkansas. In 2011 their APR was #184 while we were #190. Bama didn’t fire their coach, or throw him under bus with pseudo claim as someone that did not care about academics. It just became in focus. Schools hire Academic Coordinators whose jobs are to manage that aspect. Today Bama is at #54.

What is in view today is our program has lost it way. We don’t need an AD who thinks that winning in SEC means NOT doing it the right, cheating, or as he states “winning at all cost”. When the program starts to win, that is when we all forget about Petrino. If we are never going to do what it takes to win again, Petrino will live in infamy as to what he achieved, the lie to hide the affair notwithstanding.

Well said. Totally agree, HA. Before Bobby Petrino landed in his lap, didn’t Long make a run at the Wake Forest coach, Jim Grobe? If so, that speaks volumes, in my opinion. [and, not in a good way]