A Couple of Random Football Thoughts

Clay Henry stated conditioning could be ruled out as a cause for the collapse in the Mizzou and VT games because of the rest at halftime. I strongly disagree. Fifteen to twenty minutes rest is wholly inadequate when one has given maximum exertion, if he is not properly conditioned, well hydrated, and well fed (to include the correct balance of electrolytes).

Why can we not have some running plays ready to go that can be called and snapped when defensive linemen start to shift around? It seems they would be at a tremendous disadvantage if we got the ball off when they were still shifting around, be it a run or pass play. I expect to see something like that next year.

Confusion helps the defense more than the offense. The center makes the line blocking calls to be sure everyone knows who to block. Waiting patiently for the defensive line to shift and instantly running a play is not feasible. You might have a quarterback sneak, maybe, called and the snap could be on the first “sound” from the QB but that is the only play you could run. No checks, no blocking adjustments for blitzes, just that one play waiting and hoping their line shifts and you get your play off before they get set again. JMVHO

True. But, VT was shifting on play after play so you wouldn’t have to wait patiently for a defensive shift. And it would be something that could be called in the huddle if the defense started to habitually stunt. Obviously, a rare stunt could not be picked up. Maybe even try something like snapping the ball as soon as the D moves with no verbalization. Do that a couple of times, then don’t, and see if they jump offsides. Keep them guessing.